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If I buy a domain name, can I have dots or "-" or "_" in the URL?

  1. Hi,

    I'd like to upgrade and register a domain with WordPress but before I do I need to know if in that case I'll finally be able to use a "." , "-" or "_" in the domain name, because this is necessary and annoying that we can't do it with a address.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Such as?

  3. You can, for instance, have but you can't have what.ever or or

  4. For example - the upgrade is not for that blog, but for another blog that I haven't made public yet, but it's the same idea.

  5. Ok, so you confirm i can have for example?

  6. That would be only 2 words that need to be separated in the URL, either by a dot or by a hyphen - that does not matter.

  7. If you actually own then you can, otherwise no. The only reason you can have a URL with two .'s in it is if one is a subdomain of the larger domain, like

    And no hyphens in blog URLs as far as I'm aware.

  8. Ooooooook I understand.
    Thanks for the clarification about hypens - and thanks for your time and your answer! :)

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