If I buy can I make these two changes to the formatting?

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    I’m using FOREVER. I’m thinking about purchasing it to make two changes. I’d like to confirm that I can make these changes first.

    1) The width of the single column is narrow to show the background image. Am I able to make the width of the column wider, even as wide as to make the background image just a part of the boarder?

    2) I’ve played with the font in the custom design section. If I chose Open Sans (which I like) will I also be able to use the bold and italic version of the font?

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    The blog I need help with is anewyearsresolutionchallenge.wordpress.com.



    If you buy the Custom Design upgrade, you can do both those things.


    It seems that you are trying to re-invent the wheel. Some very complex books, and entire encyclopedias, handle vast amounts of information with nothing more than a table of contents and an index.

    If you title your various posts something like this: “Specific topic: Remainder of title,” the Search Widget will let your readers find your Posts (not Pages) about the subjects they’re looking for.

    As for a table of contents, forget about the archive code. Instead you can set up a few Pages, designated for specific topics, each of which can contain hundreds of links (which you’d have to add manually). Each of those Pages can be divided into sub-topics, using a brief list at the start, coded to work as “jump links” to a specific section below. I do that at my blog. It works for me.



    Table of contents? You may have intended that message for someone else.

    At Raincoaster, thank you.



    I know exactly the thread that comment should have gone in, and you’re right; it was intended for elsewhere.


    Oops. You’re right, I’m in the wrong thread. It’s probably to late to do any good where it belongs, but I’ll copy it there. Sorry for the mix-up.

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