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If i copy a post

  1. Hi every one , I've a question in mind that if i copy a post from any other blog or site then can i link back to it as a source due to SEO and after how much time my blog will be able to give link to source means how much time is required to have a trusted blog of this network ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you copy a post from another blog or news site, link back or not, your site can be taken down with a DMCA complaint for copying the content of others.

    If you must copy, best is to write your own words on why the article is great then a link to the article, next best, a few words (I think the ReBlog feature is 65 words) then a link back to the original article

    If you copy entire articles, in addition to your blog running the risk of being suspended, search engines will bury you in the basement for copying content. Original content is good, copy stuff is bad.

  3. #aux thanks for the help but i actually want to know that recently the matt cutts allowed that we can copy the content but not a whole but if i copy content 60% of their article then should link back to source is good or bad ? and suppose i they don't register a DMCA complaint because huge sites don't know care about it or a site having no copy rights of DMCA then is copying from that site is best ?

  4. Is there any one who can reply my this question please i want to work on this blog

  5. and suppose i they don't register a DMCA complaint because huge sites don't know care about it

    Is in my opinion a fools bet

    or a site having no copy rights of DMCA then is copying from that site is best ?

    EVERYTHING has a copyright - just because a site has no copyright's to something it published does not make copying that content legal - some people license with a version of Creative Commons that allows content to be re-posted, but there are conditions, and except for slimy content mills, most of the CC allows for some copying (but not all CC allows for copying) - all require attribution

    It sound like you want to make a blog that would violate the Terms of Service anyway - see below for tips on how to get your blog suspended

    You might also review the TOS before you get too far along:

  6. Suppose i will write own contents and then i want to provide cricket highlights videos to my users of blog . So can i provide link to that source for the highlights videos ?

  7. If you want to use someone else's copyrighted materials, you need permission. On sites like YouTube, people upload videos and they may or may not give you the right to embed that video in your site. If it says embedding disabled, you can't use it.

  8. @raincoaster Thank you for help . But let's say that video had already been embeded on any site with permission than can i link to that site to the source to provide highlights to my users ?

  9. Linking to a site should not be a problem at all - that is standard on the internet - most all sites like to get traffic

  10. @auxclass Thanks . One more thing i want to know that how much posts per day can i post ?

  11. As many as you can do. If you do so many the software thinks you're spamming, you will be suspended. I've done 15 with no problem.

  12. I will do with my own hands but suppose that i do 25 or more per day without any software then can i ? because software do it quickly but i will do after intervals

  13. You can certainly do 25 a day, but you will burn out very quickly at that pace.

  14. Sorry i didn't got about burn out ? what do you mean by this ?

  15. Try doing 24 posts a day and you'll see what I mean.

  16. @raincoaster thanks i got the meaning . Ok 24 posts are ok :) ..... And i can link to the main sources also . Thanks for all to help me now i'm going to start the blogging

  17. Wait. STOP.

    "main sources?" What do you mean by that? You cannot steal words written by other people. Your blog will be suspended and you could be sued or imprisoned.

    If you want to write your own material, get a blog. If you don't, hire a writer. But you cannot steal other peoples' text.

  18. I'm actually not going to steal just suppose sony has released a cell phone Z2 and i write about it and then i give a link to the main source of the cell phone details . This is the fact i'm discussing here

  19. By god promise @1tess i didn't copied from this source . I can assure you . Read it again please this is not copied from there

  20. … link back to it as a source due to SEO …

    It's unlikely that copying or paraphrasing will score you any SEO power: why would anyone look at your site when they can easily find the original story with pictures and better grammar??!

    If you want to have a blog which people will read, then you need to have interesting and original content.
    Take a look at this forum tag about increasing traffic:
    specifically this one:

  21. @humsports123
    No, you did not copy and paste, but you did not add original content either. For example, you could say why you are interested in cricket, or in this particular team, or that specific player. Or explain something about how cricket works: rules, strategy, culture, or how you played it since you were a kid. Something more than paraphrasing what is already online and more likely to be found than a small single post on your site. Something that would make a person interested in reading your opinion.

    Life is not a classroom where you "pull one over" on the teacher's rules.

  22. Ok @1tess if i write on my own topics as you defined . Then will i rank better ? i want to be on google's number one but unfortunately i can't do this :(

  23. It will take time and effort, and with only 5 days as a user you can't expect to be the world's most famous blogger already. ≥^!^≤

    Have you worked through the tutorial about how to use the platform yet? It is very useful for getting yourself oriented to how things work here:

    Tags and categories are very important for getting Google juice. But it will take time, 6 to 8 weeks, before you start seeing readers finding your site. Please read the links I gave you about increasing readership as well.

    …google's number one but unfortunately i can't do this :( …

    Well, I don't know you, so perhaps it is true that you cannot do it. But perhaps you also don't know yourself until you try. You got something more important to do? I mean like a goal? So what, you start small and build up to something bigger.

  24. You're right @1tess but i also own a site about Technology and i'm unable to be on the google first page as you mentioned about time theif blog it's useful i need more suggestion about my blog that how to be on the google 1st no ?

  25. I'm getting traffic on my blog and earning also . I'm writing genuine on it nothing is copied but still not on first page of google that's why i'm worried

  26. is not a site.
    There are different platforms for WordPress:
    They have their own support forums; our answers will not apply to sites.

    As for being on page 1 of Google, there really are no "get rich quick" schemes which won't involve a lot of hard work on your part. Some will even leave your wallet a lot lighter.

    I can't say better than read timethief's blog. She has volunteered here on for many years, but much of her advice there applies to any blogging platform.

    As for being #1, it's a goal: so keep on working for it.

  27. You're right @1tess i should keep on working for it but please kindly tell me that which hard work can lead me to google #1 i will do any type of hard work to get to that place just need to know a way i'm writing my own contents . Performing well but i just need to know that how i can get my site keyword on the top of google ranking . Any secrets for the hard work or any ways any track on which i should run to get success i just am expecting that from you . I hope you'll surely help me i just am worried that how to do this i can do any kind of hard work just need a way or track to go there :(

  28. @humsports123
    You're such a card!
    There are no "secrets!"
    Please apply yourself to reading timethief's site. Check out using social media, writing original material (regularly and often), accurately using categories and tags, commenting on other folks' blogs that interest you, use spell-check—or even some kind of grammar check on your posts, keep a kind sense of humor, to thine own self be true.
    Sorry but I don't have any other advice for you.

    I'm only starting to come back from 8 or 9 or 12 months of being "away" with problems of my own. It's been a difficult time and it's slow.

  29. I read many of her articles @1tess . I'm true i write my own articles . How much tags ideally use for one post ? and can you please tell that can i make a multi niche blog then how my blog should get backlinks ? one keyword or multi keywords ? From where i can get backlinks ? i'm new in this work and i dn't have enough knowledge of backlinks i dn't have any other site to have blogroll link as defined in timetheif blog . I can't even get backlink from anchor text because other sites dn't even also a link then how i can use anchor text ?

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