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If I could do one thing differently.....

  1. If I could do one thing differently.....I would have eloped with my husband to Vegas and gotten married instead of planning a big wedding.

    What would you do differently if you could????

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  2. thepurpledogpaintingblog

    Absolutely nothing. Every thing I've ever done, the good, the bad and the ugly has lead me to where I am today. And I like where I am.

  3. strawberryindigo

    Once I would have answered that with a list of regrets, but now I must agree with thepurpledog. I am starting to like where I am and where I'm going.

    @Mrsgroves: You too, must have no regrets. You must take Mr. Groves and get on a plane to Vegas at once!

  4. No regrets here either. I agree with PurpleDog - where I've been had brought me to where I am. While I would like to have more money (who wouldn't) I'm happy in my own skin.

    For the young 'uns out there - this is a stage of life you reach after you've slipped over a few times along the way!

  5. The things I wish I could change that have made me who I am, are beyond my control, and always have been. I do of course wish that some things would have been different, but then I might have been more different to who I am now, and someone that I didn't like even more!

    If I could actually change one thing about myself entirely, it would be to stop the constant worry and anxiety. I wish I could put that thing in my head that says, 'Yeah. everything's gone wrong, but you're still okay'. That would be a nice thing to have :)

  6. I would say not knock out my headmaster in my second year of secondary school, I may have had a better level of education. But then again I may not have met people I love more than anything.

    I'd have to say I should have gone to the gym more, then I wouldn't be a hairy beast haha.

  7. I don't want to do anything differently in the present. If I'd had a chance to do something differently in the past, I'd have stayed at my mother's bedside the night she died so that she didn't die alone. Sorry to be morbid, but you did ask.

  8. My answer is the same as what: thepurpledogpaintingblog posted. :)

  9. Great question. I'm tempted to qualify it, though.

    -Things we did
    -Things we never did

    Regret for things not done is a waste of time. No regret for things done that hurt others is cruel.

  10. I would've stayed in college. I would love to be in college right now, but that is not feasible at the moment. Maybe one day...

  11. @Mom both of my Sister's went back to College later, one got a Master's Degree, one got an Associates. Timing can definitely play a role.

    @Anna everything's gone wrong, and you are ok. Writing is probably one of the best things any of us could do in regards to getting the tough stuff out of our head.

    I wouldn't do anything differently, I've met some cool people, and done some cool things... The difficulty's I've ran into I couldn't have foreseen, all we can do is all we can do


  12. Writing is probably one of the best things any of us could do in regards to getting the tough stuff out of our head.

    This is very true :)

  13. I didn't land in my dream college last year. I'm trying again this year. But I wish I would have worked even more harder so I wouldn't have had to wait.

  14. I wouldn't have allowed people to take photos of my bare butt at Burning Man festival. More generally, I wish I would have been more carefree when I was younger, but then that's all part of growing up, right?

  15. @Say Waiting is highly underrated. Enjoy Every Moment you're not in school, so much about life is learned between the intensive/busier moments of our life.


  16. @Tltcl I had a lot of Creative Freedom when I was young, and was loved by my Mom and Brother. But I was definitely not Carefree. In fact, I was rather blue, and public school sadly was quite torturous for the shy boy who hardly talked. It wasn't until my late teens when I did some Community Theater that I started to crack/come out a bit.


  17. @DarkJade - Gotta love you for that approach of yours :) Thanks

  18. @Say No worries

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