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If I decide to change themes ?

  1. If I happen to decide to change my theme, then will that mess up everything have done so far. For example I have been working on the navigation bar up top where all my tabs are and trying to make some of those with a drop down. I have finally accomplished that, but If I happen to want to try out another Theme, then will that mess all that up ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I will be waiting for an answer...I was about to post the same question :)

  3. Changing themes can change the formatting of some items such as navigation menus and widgets. Most items will flow from one theme to another but you may have a little cleanup to do depending on the theme. Different themes have support for different options. For instance some support custom menus in the navigation bar while other don't. Some of the more common things you'll have to look at while changing themes is widgets, menus, heading images and background colors.

    One option is to setup a second blog under your account as a test blog where you can play with new themes.

    Hope that helps.

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