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If I edit an existing page, the formatting gets stripped.

  1. If I edit an existing page, all of the formatting gets stripped and I end up with one long paragraph.

    -Bob Chatelle

  2. Can we have a link to your blog please?

  3. Sure. The blog is at

    Here is the page I was trying to update:

    I restored it to what it was.


  4. So, Bob, what did you try to edit and how?

  5. It doesn't really matter. As soon as I hit edit, the formatting get's stripped from the text. Essentially, all of th3 <P>'s and </P>s. It doesn't matter whether I use the visual or HTML editor.

    I can send you a screen capture if you like.


  6. I finally just made my changes and then added back all the missing paragraph tags one by one. But I do hope someone can find a way to correct this problem. It seems to happen with all of my posts and pages.


  7. Bob, on the lower row of icons in the editor there is a pulldown at the left. If the lower row is not showing, click on the icon on the far right on the top row (looks like a white box with rows of black dots in it). Make sure when you are writing a post or page that that says "paragraph." Also, look at the lower left of the text edit area, and it should say path:p . If not, use the pulldown to select "paragraph."

    Once set to paragraph, things should hold for you - at least they did for me when it happened.

    If you open another post or page to edit it and the same thing happens, select all the text in the post or page and then select "paragraph" from the pulldown. That should correct the formatting for you.

  8. I tried this. But it doesn't work.


  9. By the way, I have another blog. That blog doesn't have the problem.

    The blogs use different themes. The working blog uses Sapphire. The problem blog uses Black Letterhead.


  10. One of my test blogs is using black letterhead and I have no issues whatsoever so I don't think it is the theme.

    All I can suggest is to contact staff at and see if they can sort it out.

  11. I had the same problem as Bob... at All the posts on the front page were wildly reformatted... and all I had done was to change ONE LETTER. Can you help? Thanks! --Mary

  12. outinthecitymanchester

    same here guys! totally messed up every page that i edited tonite on my community website! not good as it has meetings pages on it and everything that people need to get to!!!! i have changed nothing other than add a few lines of txt. luckily i saved my website pages before i messed them all up so when it gets sorted fingers crossed itll be ok !!

  13. Same issue here too.

  14. I have the same, or similar problem...I edited my most recent post to correct a grammatical error and when I saved it, the picture at the top of my post disappeared and all my links disappeared, along with the spaces in between my paragraphs. I edited again to put that stuff back in and saved it but it still removed those things. What gives?

  15. I have the same issues on any post or page that has a picture. The picture disappears and the formatting after the supposed picture location becomes unformatted...

  16. Me too. The first post I did about 2 hours ago was fine. Then when I was making another post the formatting would mess up and it also would not post the Pic's.

  17. I've had the same problem. Do we all have to contact support or what?

    So aggravating. It's been happening to me for months now, but only every once in awhile, and only when I go back in to edit something. It changes everything. The only work around I've found is putting everything into a new post and starting from scratch, which can take forever.

  18. Well, shoot. I just re-did a brand new post, with new formatting, and it did the same damn thing. I'll be contacting support, I guess.

  19. Oh, just noticed the announcement above, thanks.

  20. I have also lost my images from my post! As well as the formatting! Darn ... it took a while for me to do that post ... I "saved" & then it reappeared without any formatting or pictures! I will be waiting with anticipation for the updates! Thanks!

  21. Read that, thanks. Just thought I would mention it affected a post I sent through to via Windows Live Writer a short time ago. I was able to edit it via the dashboard afterwards.

  22. I thought I would let you know that I just posted two posts ... and the formatting seems to be ok now! Thanks!

  23. I had a number of exchanges with support over the problem. I finally made the problem go away by clearing my cookies. So if any of you are still having the problem, you may want to try that as well.

    -Bob Chatelle

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