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if i gave you a million dollars or pounds- what would you do with it?

  1. if it was pounds sterling.........uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    i'd donate 100 to every site that has shared their software for free
    that's on my machine and send them a big box of chocolates!
    at least 50 of them
    and those that have shared invaluable information with me and others on the internet
    i really would like to repay their generosity

    i would
    A PA - office wiz
    A house keeper
    A cook
    A gardener
    A repair/upkeeper to fix the building we are living in
    [roof leeks, reputty windows, fix doors that don't open as the building keeps shifting]
    buy air tickets for friends to come and visit - stay in hotel
    send flowers to all friends and neighbours
    have dinner party for 50 + with band

    i'd buy a bigger house over looking the sea that's salt proof
    an other in the wine lands - with masses of rooms for friends to come and stay - staffed to look after us all

    set up a trust fund for various non profit organisations that are teaching others
    skills that empower them to take care of themselves and teach others
    education and adventure activities in the bush for young people - confidence building etc etc

    deck out my office with floor to ceiling storage that my pc and all the gizmos would fit into ie
    open up big door and step into the pc area with sound around
    a webcam set up around the house to see who's coming and going in the street and climbing over our walls!

  2. that's a whole blog post in itself there, heleneodette. ;) i'll buy property and let the money work for me. then as the years go, i get to donate regularly to causes i believe in and travel and shop and never have to work for the rest of my life!!! in my dream. lol

  3. If you gave me a million Pounds Sterling, I'd exchange it for about 1.8 million dollars US, give 40% of it to the Federal Gov't, and have a million dollars after taxes. :)

    $500,000 into a a trust fund/investments so I could live off the proceeds for the rest of my life.
    $175,000 for a pleasant little condo in Portland, Oregon.
    $100,000 or so to pay off the mortgage on my mother's house.
    $25,000 or so to pay off the mortagage on my younger sister's condo.
    $25,000 or so to pay off the mortagage on my older sister's boat (which she lives aboard).
    $12,500 in trust to each of my nephews (my brother can easily handle his own mortgage, and would probably rather I gave the money to his kids anyway), withdrawable only to pay for college or real estate, otherwise the investment proceeds to provide supplemental income.
    $15,000 to hire accountants, lawyers, movers, etc.; to make sure all of the above happens properly.

    ...leaving me $135,000 to play with.
    $25,000 to see whether my health problems could or could not be solved by "throwing money at them."
    $25,000 to the HALO trust, which clears land mines all over the world
    $25,000 to Women for Women, which help womens survivors of war all over the world
    $25,000 to Playpump, which sustainably provides potable water to villages in the developing world
    $15,000 to Childhaven, which cares for local children who have been abused and neglected
    $5,000 to local food banks
    $5,000 to my local writer's centerRichard Hugo House
    $7,500 to take my mother on the Trans-Siberian railway (something she's long since wanted to do)
    $5,000 to take myself to a trip to Japan (something I've long since wanted to do)
    $5,000 to live for a few months on that remote island on Scotland while I write my long-planned "Bonnie Kilts in the Heather" novel :)
    $2,500 to have a courtyard-sized Japanese garden put in at my new condo

    I'll be watching my mailbox for your check :)

  4. US$ 1,000,000 = IDR 9,238,000,000

    238 megarupiah : build a house for me.
    1 gigarupiah : build a fine recording studio for me.
    2 gigarupiah : build a school where the poor could get European-standard education for free.

    I'd invest the rest so I can keep my school going.


  5. C'mon gentle W.P. forumees what is 10 dollars? if you each send 5 dollars to me and 5 to Yella think how happy you would make us-can 10 dollars be compared to happiness?-and I guarantee you will feel a better more noble person yourself.

  6. With 1million dollars I would get out of debt, buy a house and give some money to my closest friends.

  7. Oh, come on, am I the only shallow one here?
    I'd throw one hell of a giant party for everyone I knew (real life and cyberspace) by renting Richard Branston's island. I'd fly everyone out there and we'd have a week long fest.
    Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder if 1 million would be enough?

  8. If only 3000 people sent me 5 bucks, I can go back to school and get a title or two.

  9. If you gave me a million dollars, I'd probably use it to travel to all the places in my 'Travel List' page, either with my boyfriend, my family, or even both of them. And, after I graduate college, I might use the money for future purposes, as to my future job & all the things related there.

    I also have plans on building a dream house in New Zealand, but I guess I won't use the 1 million for that... yet. So yeah, I might save the rest of the remaining money. [phew! I bet there will be nothing left if I will really use the whole money for my plans that I just indicated. =P]

  10. hi there!

    thanx for your input - you've given me more ideas how to spend it!

    yes it is in our dreams - our waking dreams that triggers it happening!
    i'd love to know what causes you support

    kiyosaki - talked of compound interest - Einstein said it was the 8th wonder of the world - [i must look up what the 7 are i have no idea]
    if yr very young - and you save a small amount every week/month by the time you hit yr 50's you will be very very wealthy - that's if you never ever touch it - then you can live off the income!
    [the monthly interest goes back into the account so that the next calculation plus yr new addition gets calculated in to the new interest owed you which then gets ploughed back into yr account that is then added to the amount plus the interest plus yr new amount you pay in each week and on and on and on!]

    if one isn't so young you just have to save more much more each month! and get another job too!
    suzi orman says we need to have saved enough money to survive for 8 months if we stopped working

    wow are you organised or what?
    you have to be an accountant!
    40% tax where you live?
    that only leaves half of the 1.8 good move taking the pounds and converting it!
    will go and look at the links to organisations you support - i'll look on yr blog first for the links!

    so your a musician - so this is how you'll make yr millions
    write a song that goes world wide
    can you see yrself being handed the massive royalty cheques?!

    have you got a donation box on yr blog?!
    i've started donating to my favourite generous websites now - small amounts as there are so many!

    do you know what house you will buy? where it will be? what colour the walls are?!
    suzi orman has an excellent method of getting ourselves out of debt the fastest way possible
    google her site - splendid person

    pleeeza invite me too!
    do you know how to get hold of the agents for renting his island?
    apparently that's what you have to do to get closer to it happening - anthony robbins?


    post note if you have the time!
    here are a few useful things i've picked up on wealth and abundance incase you haven't heard of them

    i'm listening to cd a friend has lent me on the laws of attraction

    Jolly interesting stuff - in a nut shell - we have to think and use an abundance vocabulary/attitude
    do not use words that reinforce lack of - eg poverty, anti war, noooooo but abundance, peace
    strangely it sounds a tad corny!

    it reminds me of the 60's and those flower power hippies but i can see that generally our thinking needs to be brightened up - especially now that the banks are a tad jittery and the media are having a field day in scary the begeebies out of us

    and of course we have to visualize ourselves already there with the millions - using the 5 senses to do it - can you smell the smells around you as you are living in your new home? what colour are the walls the front door the garden

    where is it? what are you dressed in? what's the neighbours house like? what car is parked outside? what animals, see yrself living there walking around it

    Go into furniture shops to see what furniture you would have in it sit in the sofas to feel what it's like so that when you visualise it you can smell the it and feel the sensation of sitting in it ect
    what fun - do not spend though! curtains tiles bathroom fittings fridges kitchens etc etc

    what the above does according to anthony robbins - is tell yr brain what it is you want and it sits up and lets you know when there's an opportunity for you to create this wealth.
    like attracts like
    don't think how your going to do it as this can restrict it happening - trust that you will do it and it will come to you how - it will be obvious

    and for some of us there's stuff like us - unconsciously not wanting wealth as we believe deep down that it's the root of all evil/we don't deserve it etc etc
    so it's a fascinating thing to observe
    i've found the product it's now getting it out there and seeing people scrabbling for it!
    the tipping point is a fascinating book tooo

    may all yr wonderful dreams become a reality!

  11. I'd go on a world tour with my boyfriend, drink coffee in every traversed city and make a lot of photos... Then, with the money that's left ('cause I think we wouldn't spend everything on coffee) I'd go shopping in Paris with my best friends and, in the end, drink some champaigne on the latest floor of Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science. That's more or less it.

  12. @gindzia
    was wondering what the warsaw palace of culture and scinece looked like
    looks more like the empire state building than a palace!

    are they adding floors to it?
    i wonder when it was built?

  13. Just give me the real D and I'll tell you my story!

  14. I'll tell mine for ten bucks

  15. (I wish we could customize our font size in this forum, so this could sound soooo loud) HAHAHAHAHA!
    (everyday is caps lock day for a couple of haha's)

  16. Count me in!
    baba the hAhA from HAHA land wuz here !!!
    HaHaHAHA !!!!!!!!!!

  17. I would give it to charity.
    This is going to sound stupid, but life isn't about money.
    It's about happiness withing yourself.
    Knowing that you did something good for someone is all that matters.
    Anyone agree?

  18. I'd give some to charity. But I think that if you cared enough to give a free million dollars to charity, you might as well help whatever/whoever you want to help by yourself.

    I mean, I understand that this probably isn't possible if you want to help cancer research, but if you wanted to help the starving children in third world countries or something, charity isn't necessarily the best way to go about it.

    Anyway, I'd buy a house, because I want to move out but I won't have much money. And then some furniture. And then maybe some sponsor children :)

  19. very interesting posts! i appreciate all the talk of trust funds & charities, although I must admit angryraisins sober reflection was true (re: taxes!)

    with a million dollars i would pay off all my debt (mostly school loans), buy a house for my mom & sister, help my gf with graduate school, and give some to people i knew. I would also invest a decent amount to make sure me & mine would be comfortable for the rest of our lives!!

    i would then spend some time figuring out how i could best make meaningful social change...give it to charity? give it to random people? donate it to research? i don't know....

    also, i would buy a nice road bike, and travel the world ^_^ (not necessarily on the bike...although it does sound like fun)

  20. But then again, where the heck is that real million D?

  21. You have to find it :)

  22. yeah where would you find that much money

  23. I'd buy into a company and be a major shareholder. LOL~ Then let those smart-alecs work for me. LOL~

  24. What about when the company crashes?

  25. lol angryraisins has this all worked.....erm I'd buy a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Nuff said!

  26. This reminded me of a line from the BNL song "If I had a million dollars"

    "I'd buy you some art...a Picasso or a Garfunkel."

  27. make sure friends and fam good, then invest some of it, then rent out office space and expand doing exactly what im doing now, running my "internet magazine" of sorts if u will (but on a larger scale of course).

  28. i would buy a sims 2 game and act rich and star in movies

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