If I need bilingual on this-blog?

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    Hi, I develop blog about our company http://blogtravexlcc.wordpress.com and I hope this blog will be a communication channel for our clients about all event/activity with our clients/friend/partner but for our natural I contact with thai people and foreigner with the english language. How should I do (if no option I have to put 2 blog or someone who have more experience than me please suggest me about my situation.) thank.

    The blog I need help with is blogtravexlcc.wordpress.com.



    You can swlect one language here for your blog > Settings General
    You can have 2 blogs in 2 different languages, but we have don’t have automatic translations between them. You’d need to write a blog post in the two languages and then post to each blog (or post the two versions of the entry on the same blog) in two different categories, one for each language.

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