If I popularize my blog, is it intresting enough to follow?

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    Check my diary, and notify me of necessary changes, and whether my theme is good enough to intrest masses or not?(After all breaking 4th wall and coming to a parallel universe isn’t that easy)


    The blog I need help with is batdiary.wordpress.com.


    Well, add some more posts and we’ll see. It’s early days yet and no one can rate it with so little content.

    Re’ the theme; I’d go for a darker less ‘feminine’ look if I were you. Oh, and add some images if you can. :)

    Anyway, whatever you do, good luck with your blog.



    If your blog is interesting enough to interest masses, they will let you know over time.

    Note that diaries are not among the world’s most popular blogs.


    Thanks for the help, I’ll see what can be done. But nolan left it in an easy mood, I dont know how could I ever divert masses to accept a darker aftermath of trilogy. Maybe I should try Joker, it is more followed by youngsters.


    I’ll go out on a limb (I usually do) and say, “No. It isn’t good enough.”
    It’s not over-the-top enough to work as a parody of Bruce Wayne, as if he was blogging and using social media, and it isn’t an original enough idea to sustain interest except for a single post – after which the joke’s been told.

    That said, your command of English is good, and you write well enough to create a convincing character. Why don’t you make up your own superhero with an alter ego? Stan Lee and Bob Kane started small.


    Well thanks for the help, even I thought so, but making out a new character is not that easy anymore, During 40’s, it would have been easy because industry was booming. Now there are thousands of character already out there. Although I will give it one shot, I’ll take my inspiration from Alan Moore. Because I haven’t read Noir lately. And as far as Bruce Wayne goes, I didn’t find any parody like this’ so I went ahead. Christopher Nolan provided a good way to adsorb in masses. The most I can do is talk from Bruce’s teenager child’s point of view, or someone else relating with Bruce. Batman is followed by many. Although thanks for suggestion, i will give one shot to your idea. Thanks.

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