IF I purchase my blog name .com from wordpress do I need to find hosting ?

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    IF I purchase my blog name .com from word press and point my blog to that name do I need to find hosting ?

    Example my blog is http://smithtownhome4sale.wordpress.com/ WordPress proposes I purchase for 15€ http://smithtownhome4sale.com from their store.
    If I do that will my “blog” still be online though pointed to http://smithtownhome4sale.com or do I now need to find hosting too ?


    The blog I need help with is smithtownhome4sale.wordpress.com.


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    Your free hosted site is http://smithtownhome4sale.wordpress.com/

    If you purchase a domain name upgrade, your site will still be hosted here on WordPress.com.

    Think of the domain upgrade like buying a sign for your house which says something like, “smith’s great palace.” So you can tell people to look for the sign on the street which designates “Smith’s Great Palace!!”

    Your mailman will still deliver to “smithtownhome4sale.wordpress.com” because that is your “real” address, where you actually live (where you are hosted).

    But having a domain name upgrade is like putting a sign on your front gate saying “NAME HERE” (smith’s great palace). People will find you with the new name, even though your house is still in the same place (and the old regular address will still work). The new sign makes your house easier to remember so easier to find.

    Does that make sense to you?


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    Here is some unsolicited advice about the way the title looks on theme you have chosen:


    is difficult to read and understand.
    Perhaps changing the name one views when seeing your site would make it more easily recognizable:
    4 sale
    or choose a theme where the title displays in one line:
    Smith Townhome 4 Sale

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