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If I purchased my URL already can I transfer my wordpress over

  1. brandonbaltzley

    hello i purchased the web domain already through GoDaddy. I was wondering if I could transfer my entire site right on over to the domain that I've purchased. Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can map that existing domain to your blog here at wordpress.COM so that the blog here shows up under your own URL. Is that what you are wanting to do? If so, see the following support document.

  3. brandonbaltzley

    Well, is there anyway to just transfer all my wordpress information to my domain name? or is that what the mapping to existing domain is?

  4. A domain name is just an address. You can't live there until you build a house.

    That means you can buy hosting and then install software and import your blog contents, but then you're paying for the hosting as well as the domain name, and it works out to more.

  5. brandonbaltzley

    Great how do i do it

  6. brandonbaltzley

    I am at this page under the Upgrades button.
    Add a Domain

    The Domain Mapping Upgrade allows you to use a custom domain name, such as, instead of a standard domain name—like—for your blog.

    Domain name registration plus domain mapping costs $17.00 ($12.00 for mapping, $5 for registration) per year, per domain.

    If you already have registered a domain, mapping is just $12.00 per year, per domain.

    To get started, just enter a domain name and follow the prompts!

    Does this mean my info on my wordpress page will show on my domain site?

  7. brandonbaltzley


  8. Yes, really. Domain mapping means that your address will be replaced by whatever domain name you already purchased.

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