If I register, can I use custom themes?

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    I want a url that is not myblog.wordpress.com If I was to register for $15/year for a domain, would that allow me to use custom WP themes I have found online? I cannot host it myself, so I wanted to do it with wordpress, or have I misunderstood something?

    Much Appreciated

    Trenton Stahl

    The blog I need help with is trentonstahl.wordpress.com.


    No it will not. Your blog even with the different domain name would still be hosted here at wordpress.COM. All the restrictions still apply.

    You will have to go self-hosted to use themes you see out on the internet. Expect to pay an average of anywhere from $10 to $50 per month (including domain registration costs) depending on your bandwidth and storage requirements. And watch out for the real cheap hosts, it really is true that you get what you pay for.



    This is an upsetting answer, and I’ll tell you why. At Blogger I could use custom themes or even make my own…free of charge. I PAID here and can’t alter my blog even that much??? I’m not sure your answer is correct, to be honest. However, I did pay to use my own domain name, and even after changing the DNS and everything, while I can type in my domain name and GET my blog here at WordPress, the url still shows it as virtualink.wordpress.com. THAT also was better at Blogger, because when I typed in my domain name via a url re-direct, it showed my domain name as the url, not a blogger.com name.

    I’m starting to think WordPress FAILS in comparison on customization to Blogger if what you’re saying, thesacredpath, is true, in addition to what I have now seen as a result of paying for being able to SUPPOSEDLY use my own domain name. Rubbish.


    If you type in your registered domain name and are getting the wordpress.com domain name, then there is something that is not complete with the domain mapping.

    Did you do this step?

    Next to the domain name it will say “Put blog here”. Click that.

    That step is important otherwise the blog address will not reflect your registered domain.

    Review this support document and make sure you have done all the steps: http://support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/ .

    I’ve been here over 2 years, and have been doing volunteer work here in the forums, and what I said above is true. All the domain mapping does is map your registered domain name to the blog that is hosted here on wordpress.COM. All of the restrictions, and the terms of service here still apply because your blog is still HERE.

    As far as customization and such, if you are unhappy here, you can certainly move back to blogger.


    From the last two lines of the domain mapping support document:

    * Purchasing the Domain Mapping upgrade does NOT give you the permission to use advertising, post any kind of prohibited code, or upload any themes or plugins.

    * You will NOT have FTP access to your blog. If you want this, you should head on over WordPress.orgYou will NOT have FTP access to your blog. If you want this, you should head on over WordPress.org

    How could you upload a theme wi



    At WordPress.com, each upgrade applies ONLY to the specific things outlined in the FAQ about that upgrade. The CSS upgrade does not allow you to run Adsense or paste in themes, the Domain upgrade does not exempt you from the terms of service, the storage upgrade does not allow you to post warez, etc. They are quite specific and offer exactly and only what they say.



    Thanks for the replies everyone, really appreciate it.



    i wish they could allow some way for us to customize themes, even upload our own. i would really love wordpress so much more. it’s got stats monitoring that blogger doesn’t have, and other cool widgets. the generic layouts are a bit of a damper – nobody likes to have a site that looks exactly the same as someone else’s – and no, custom headers are not enough.



    likereal – If you know CSS, the upgrade will let you customize to your heart’s content. You can practice for free. Just be aware there is no official support here for CSS.




    unfortunately i know nothing about css. i usually get my themes from the internet, admire them, curse wordpress for being so inflexible, and then wishing and wishing i had credit to pay for my own domain (and the other paid perks)… which i don’t. i feel like i’m asking too much of a free service, but what’s the point of seeing gorgeous themes and not being able to use them free? :(



    WordPress.com is a multi-user platform. Everyone using the theme your are using is using the version provided by WP. A change to one affects all. That’s the situation here.

    You haven’t signed a contract, except the legalities agreed to in the ToS, so you’re not obligated to stay.



    i know i’m not, but one would think they’d try harder to make us love them more.

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