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If I remove pictures in the media library, will that affect pics in posts?

  1. Good day to all. I was just wondering. Will the pictures I uploaded to the media library be deleted from my posts if I remove them from the media library. The pictures are already uploaded and inserted in the posts, but will they be removed if the images are removed from the media library?

    I hope you understood what I am asking. Don't know a better way of formatting the question, lol. :)

    Sorry, have not been using for some time. And much changed since I last checked.

  2. Short answer: Yes they will be removed.
    Longer answer: A browser can only display an image if the image is hosted somewhere on the net. When you upload an image, you send a copy of it to be stored somewhere and acquire a web address (URL). When you insert an image in a post, you tell the browser what the URL of the image is. Your media library shows all the files that are stored in the storage space WP provides for your blog. Deleting an image from your media library means erasing it from that storage space; so its original URL will represent a file that no longer exists, so the browser will display a cross or a questionmark in place of the deleted image.

    Before you worry about this again, keep in mind that the free space WP provides for your blog is 3GB: that's space enough for thousands of (properly sized) images. For example, in my test blog I have uploaded around 900 images so far, and they've taken up only 6% of the available space.

  3. So, if I delete them from the media library, they get erased from my posts as well. Good to know.

    Anyways, thanks for helping me out. I am surprised to see that 900 images take only 6% of the available space. I thought that 3GB could get filled up easily with pictures. I guess not. Anyways, thanks again.

  4. You're welcome.
    The 3GB would get filled up easily if you made the mistake of uploading huge high resolution images. You don't seem to be guilty of that!

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