If I upgrade my blog will I lose my "follow" button?

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    Not sure of all the correct terminology so just going to put this out there. I want to upgrade my blog so that my domain name no longer has ‘ordpress’ at the end of it. It seems that when you do this you lose your “Follow” button. Is this true? I am worried that if I upgrade my blog I will lose followers. I have myself come across blogs where there is no follow button and I don’t want to follow via RSS feed. Also for people who are not 100% computer literate, they may not know what the RSS feed is and that it is a way to follow someone’s blog. If I upgrade my blog is there a simple way (a follow button) for people to follow my blog easily and that will ensure that people return to my blog to read posts?

    The blog I need help with is walking4air.wordpress.com.


    No you will not lose your follow button on your blog, people will continue to be able to follow your blog because you are just using a custom domain (the URL), and your site is still hosted with wordpress. All you are doing is changing the URL of your blog, nothing else changes.



    That’s good to hear. Does that mean that the blogs I have come across that don’t have follow buttons are probably just hosted with someone other than wordpress?



    Does that mean that the blogs I have come across that don’t have follow buttons are probably just hosted with someone other than wordpress?

    Yes, those are probably hosted outside WordPress.com.

    It’s nice of you to think of your readers. Since I started having a WordPress.com account, I became too lazy to add stuff to my RSS reader too. The “Follow” button is simpler and easier to use.



    Thank you for the replies! I really want to upgrade but don’t want to lose the followers and like you say, want to make it as easy as possible for current readers and new readers to follow my blog. Thanks again!


    Just to clarify, if you are logged into WordPress, all WordPress.com sites well have the admin bar visible with the follow button (even the VIP sites). So if the admin bar isn’t visible, it means it isn’t a WordPress.com site (provided you are logged in of course), it may be a self hosted WordPress.org site, or whatever.

    Also note that if you buy a custom domain, WordPress will automatically redirect traffic from the .wordpress URL to the .com URL. So you lose anyone, but the search engines will take a while to start showing your new URL and it will take a while to regain your ‘page rank’, but nothing you can do about that, except write more unique content.



    Thanks Danielisreading, I only saw this reply now. I’m aware of the automatic redirecting by WordPress. As for losing my page ranking, I’ll just have to make my blog even more awesome to get it back! I appreciate the replies, thank you! I will be upgrading hopefully by the weekend.

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