if mailto is no longer working, how do I allow for text submissions?

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    On the Submissions page of our blog we want people to be able to click on a mailto link because we’re asking them to send us something. I’ve read all the support information that says mailto links are evil and we should only use contact forms…but the contact form does not allow for people to write long-form text or, heaven forbid, send an attachment. Now I do realise that asking for attachments is problematic but I have a means of dealing with that at my end…I just wish WP hadn’t stopped the mailto link working. Any suggestions on how I might allow for long-form text and/or attachments? I was hoping for something a little more technical than typing our email address with spaces in it.

    The blog I need help with is petronaremembered.com.



    The link works just fine. If your mail provider no longer provides for you, you need to find another mail provider.

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