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If my blog contains "serials" or links "crack software", Is my blog deleted ?

  1. I have a blog contains serial numbers and links to crack software. I wonder my blog can be deleted by WordPress ?.My content don't contain any crack software or keygen. That only links!
    Please explain me!
    Many thanks!

  2. I cannot think of any legitimate reason anyone would want to pass on links and serial numbers used for "cracking" software. Any questions you have about the ToS (Terms of Service) and the kind of links you are allowed on your blog ought to be put into a feedback message and sent to staff to answer. The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages and you can just click it and start writing.

  3. Linking to warez is against the ToS.
    The blog is removed.

  4. Fascinating that the (ex)user would wonder why the blog was nuked, though... :)

  5. Fascinating indeed. I mean to say: What part of "unethical" do these people just not get? *lol* Perhaps their brain receptors are being permanently overridden by both greed and stupidity, a deadly combination to be sure. *lol*

  6. :D

  7. Talking off the mod hat for a second...

    I gotta admit that this policy annoys me, not for the warez issue but this being a reversal of previous policy. Donncha and I had a fairly long email chat on the subject many eons ago when I reported such a site and I was told that Automattic was taking the policy that was a Common Carrier and could not be held at fault with hosting such sites.

    I've lost count of how many of these I've seen in the last few months and not reported.

    There's too many grey areas in policy around here and that bothers me. I reported a site a few days ago that was exactly like the gardening site we had last month and Lloyd told me that he was going to allow it. All it was was promotional copy and a link to the main site within each post. The gardening site had more original content than this site.

    -dr(4 more days of bellringing)mike

  8. I don't think there is a policy on unacceptable content, as such. It seems to be entirely at the discretion of the individual staff member.

    In some ways that's better and more flexible than having a set of clear, immutable rules, but it also leads to the kind of anomalies you describe, where somebody might get their blog nuked if Mark happens to be on duty but will be OK if Lloyd gets to the report first. It isn't fair, but since it's impossible to legislate beforehand for every eventuality it's probably inevitable.

  9. I was not privy to the conversation with Donncha but it falls mostly to me to deal with incoming reports. With regard to the above site - and any other that has warez and the likes - I will remove them.
    A DMCA would cover it so it goes. If I do not and we let them stay then all that happens is we get swamped by the warez merchants who will stick around while we drown under a mass of DMCA notices. Do we want that?

    Question - is it illegal? If it is, say goodbye to the blog.

    Blogs like the one above were just a mass of cracked software. They have no place here at
    IF a person has a genuine blog and makes a post that includes such a link then they get the chance to remove it along with why that should happen. Some people may be that naive as to not know. We do know the difference - I'm sure most people would.

    We cannot hope to maintain a decent blogging environment unless we remove this as soon as we see it. Please report it :)

  10. @sysadmin
    It's cool too be a part of a diverse blogging community still in its infancy. Cooler still is that fact wordpress is hands down the best blogging technology that there is.
    It's healthy that bloggers are expressing needs for both boundaries and flexibility because the common ground is balance. And active participation in the community affects the decision making process.
    We're a young and growing blogging community that's unique in it's diversity and the quality of content that wordpress bloggers produce. We have rough edges because we're a "work in progress" but we're on track.
    It should also be understood and appreciated that those who seek clarity in policy are walking in the light, if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do.
    It's impossible to contract for every eventuality in a ToS. Consequently, it's inevitable that staff will have to make judgment calls. I have confidence that wordpress staff will make balanced decisions but I also want to see this better expressed in written form. Therein lies the conundrum. :)

  11. Mark seems to have addressed the issue of the original post well.

    Mark handles almost all the ToS concerns so consistency is insured that way, and he does a better job than any other moderator I have experienced. Consistency is also assured because most reports are so obviously spam, and the more unusual scenarios are shared between staff.

    wank, I don't think it is more likely to be OK with me, maybe the opposite is true, but I am still learning. One of the things that impresses me so much about Mark is his ability to appreciate a whole blog not just what is on the front page or in the side bar.

    In the unusual scenarios the communication is as important as the content.

    Mike, it sort of reads like you are upset that you missed opportunities to police the content. I bet we can count how many of those warez sites are still on .

    Mike, I searched and found the report you were referring to, maybe I was too generous, but it seems as harmless today as it did then: niche, low post rate, doesn't really use tags, and positive comments from other members. We have had no further complaint about that site. Anyway, this one blog is likely a better one for email -- I welcome your insightful emails on any topic.

    timethief, Community seems like a strange choice of work for a collection of content so diverse. I think "blogging" is not a commonality, because of even the diversity of that term. I agree that there are many, many communities at WordPress including us that are interested in this type of discussion.

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