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If people have a lot of traffic to their website then...

  1. @thepmpguru
    dukka in Sansrkit ie. Pali = excrement, offal, waste, trash, etc.

    The realities are that many bloggers shovel a lot of dukka when making claims about how much they make online. In fact their traffic stats, PageRanks (usually lack thereof) and the pay out rates for the advertising they use and the affiliate plan payout rates, as well as the rates for being paid to blog are all public knowledge, provided you know where to look for it.

    On another forum I used to frequent I ran into such a dukka shoveler who claimed he was making big money from advertising, affiliate schemes and from being paid to blog. He also kept lecturing those who dissented with the advice he was giving to students that we weren't being supportive and ought to be encouraging them to make money by blogging. I dissented and advised the students in question to get off-line part-time jobs in the service industry. The dukka shoveler posted a personal attack on me and and that did it.

    I did the research required on his site and posted all the relevant information to the forum thread shaming him for telling lies. He never posted again. What the results of the searches I did demonstrated is that he would have made better money working part time on the business end of an actual shovel in the city property maintenance department.

    This is a link to Lorelle's post dated 2008 on how much bloggers who get paid to blog were making then. Blogging Jobs: How Much Are Bloggers Paid to Blog?

  2. Thanks timethief,
    I don't know how to took my last message but I actually tried to praise you guys for doing a wonderful job in guiding people not to follow those scams.

    I was making the same point, If you really upto money and want your Blog to be a source of income or living for you then you really need to assess whether a Blog or your Blog will have the potential to make a living for you.

    Is Blog really a place where you can turn into a living and resign from your day job. This is what one had to think and work hard to seek an answer for himself.

    I must thank you guys for helping and guiding people.

  3. @thepmpguru
    Thanks for the praise. It's far easier to either remain silent on the subject than it is to tell the truth. I agree that those who excel at research and writing and who are inclined to choose blogging as a career path ought practice due diligence before they commit. :)

  4. In the end I believe it is with every freelaninc gjob in the arts - make sure you know your market and your marketability as well as your craft before you dive in. And realise that success - should it ever come big time - most probably won't come over night.

  5. Gah. Make that "every freelancing job in the arts".

  6. @taletellerin.

    There can be a huge debate over it.

    If one has good Visual, he can take a lesson from your messages. There is a huge difference in both the messages, If some one can derive the difference and finds what is good and what is bad, he can carry :)
    every freelaninc gjob in the arts
    "every freelancing job in the arts"

    @taletellerin I agree with you..
    I will give you a simple example. In pakistan we have an area where the world's best diamond's are produced but they are the cheapest in the world. The reason is they are RAW and there is no factory like we have in many countries which can polish it according to world standards.
    The same diamond after getting polished is sold at the atmost price in International markets.

    Now a blogger should know as you said before diving, Do I have Diamond, Do I have the factory for Polishing and Do I have access to International Markets to sell it.

  7. @timethief : (offtopic) :
    I don't think dukkha does mean excrement, offal, waste, trash, etc. in Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, and Pali. It means a state of sorrow, or Suffering. For example if my blog gets deleted i will get a lot of "dukkha" দুঃখ in bengali, दुख in hindi. Both comes from mother language sanskrit.

    I cannot understand if and how everyone could start a blog, post ads, and wait for people to come and start clicking them. It is difficult job. At first personally i blog simply to share my writeups and published contents, with CC license. I do not expect money from ad clicks atleast, and thats one of the cause i choose being simple and adfree (almost). Even if i would liked the click money, how much could i get doing that, because these needs unique visitors. For small bloggers like me, i think it is worse than begging, and for the visitors ads are irritating.

  8. @phoxis
    Yes dukka is correctly translated as describing suffering and misery. Suffering and misery happen. Sh*t happens too. ;)

  9. @thepmpguru
    Your diamond analogy is right on.

  10. Some of us just like to blog AND remain anonymous (to a certain degree) and not all of us are out to make a fast buck. As far as paying for their own domain name, purchasing an upgrade here at doesn't have a private domain registration.

  11. @Phoxis
    Me too. I cannot grasp the idea that some people think, by creating a blog/site and putting up a couple ads will generate great revenue automatically by just waiting. Either they don't know how the game works or they're just being unrealistic (dare I say delusional). I doubt most blogs you see around with ads cover even their yearly hosting costs.(and then its just plain annoying for those couple of visitors who do actually visit the blog/site)

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