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If someone could be so kind lol

  1. I totally understand the answer to my question is probably already in the forums somewhere but I don't exactly know what to search for. Maybe there is a "term" for what I want but if there is, I wouldn't know.

    If you take a look at my "Nothingness" page, you can probably get an idea of what I am going for. Every day, I would like to post a small random fact or statement. BUT, I don't want them all to appear as one long post. I would like for the most recent one "today" to be viewable and all of the other days to be archived. Such as:

    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blaaaaaahhhh.


    Is this possible? Without any kind of upgrade or anything? I read something about your pages being as "nested" as you want them to be, I guess that's what I am going for but don't exactly know what to search to get help. Suggestions?

  2. You can't do that here at If you could edit the code, then you could do a blog-within-a-blog type thing, which is what you are trying to do.

    You could have a second blog linked to from your main blog and have the second blog with all of your nothingness quotes and archives. You could use the same theme and stuff to make it look like it's one blog, but you wouldn't be able to fully integrate the two blogs.

    You could also use the RSS widget to use the feed from second blog and place that in your sidebar of your main blog.

  3. If I understand you correctly, you might find the Fadtastic theme will do what you want. It displays the first post while only showing the titles of the previous posts underneath. ;)

  4. Her nothingness is a page within her blog. So she can't have archived posts there that aren't blog posts on a page. She has other blog posts with its own archive.

  5. So are the subsequent pages essentially blogs? I have about page (WTH) I have my guestbook (say it!) and I have now added a "Nothingness" page. I want my blog posts to actually be something of importance but at the same time I love writing random stuff so I didn't want my actual blog posts to consist of any "random" stuff. Which is why I made a random page for that. I have browsed through other people's blogs and found several who have had additional pages to their blog, put content in those pages, but it didn't look like one run-on page. They had multiple things in those pages so yeah, I guess you could say it was "nested".

    So it is not possible to archive an additional page without creating a new blog? I'm sorry i'm new to all of this so it's hard to pick up what people are throwing down lol.

  6. You could make each archived Nothingness entry a Child Page of your Nothingness Page. BUT, the thing is, Pages are intended for Static information that doesn't change.

    You might be better off making "Nothingness" a Category of your blog Posts. Then use the Categories Widget in your sidebar, which whenever someone clicks on that category will create a page containing those Posts "on the fly". Depending on your settings for the number of Posts to show per page, you will get a long page of a number of the Posts in that Category.

  7. That would be a good idea but then they would show up on my "Recent Posts" which I don't really want. Or is there a way to prevent that?

  8. Hey I checked out that "too many pages" FAQ you posted and that does sort of sound like what I am going for. I somewhat grasp it but am not sure how the editing would go. I guess I will give it a trial run and see if I can figure it out but thank you, I think you have answered my question!

  9. Ok I have the "Nothingness" page. I created a new page for the 10/20/08 post and selected the "Nothingness" page as the page parent. I thought that was the way to go about it but when I go to the page, it's not there. Did I do something wrong? Is there a link someone could provide with more information about parent pages, etc?

  10. Ah, yes, forgot that you're using DepoMasthead theme, which shows your 3 most recent posts no matter what. :) So that begs the question, why not remove the "recent posts" Widget? It's not possible to hide or remove a category from the "Category" Widget.

  11. (note to self-remember to refresh the page before hitting send post!)

    Regardless, Child pages won't appear anywhere unless you link to them in the Parent Page or in a Pages Widget. You can see this in action on my EZPalette page. There are three Child Pages there. Again, those Pages are Static.

    If you regularly Post something that would fit into a Nothingness Category, better to run it as a Category than a static Page. Your blog's RSS feed is taken from your Posts page. Static Pages won't be shown there.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    How about the Hemingway theme? Or maybe use the 'more' tag for the rest of the post to be after the jump. But whatever is after won't show up on the RSS feeds believe.

  13. But whatever is after won't show up on the RSS feeds believe.

    No longer true. It all shows up in the RSS feed now.

  14. pornstarbabylon

    Wow that's good to know. Thanks!

  15. Just to clarify, "It all" being the full RSS feed and not the entire blog. I.e. if you don't have your RSS Feed settings set to show "Partial Feed", it will show the entire Feed even if the "More" tag is used in the Post.

  16. The depo theme won't show it as an recent post if you back date the post
    before publishing.

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