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  1. todayyesterdayandtomorrow

    I am definitely 'un-cool'. I just don't 'get' lolspeak. I'm not being sarcastic, I mean it. I've looked at the pics and the site, however I still don't understand what has created the hooplah. Some of the pics are funny, but to create such intensity, that I don't understand.

    Either... it's just 'not for me', or I need (and would appreciate) it explained to me.... :(

  2. @ty&t,
    could it be because you can't figure out what's more irritating: to see the language mangled, garbled, chewed up and spewed out onto fake photographs, or that millions find it funny? I was bored after two pages.

  3. I think it started with Instant Messaging and they use the chatspeek so to abbreviate the words and make them shorter. And so their parents won't understand what they're talking about if they walk in the room. lol

  4. <jimnathan> f f f... why does keep posting those roses are red bastardizations?
    <jimnathan> newsflash!! theyre not funny
    <jimnathan> the only way it could possibly get worse is if someone made a poem like that completely in 1337
    <Fraeon> R0535 4R3 R3D, V10l375 4R3 BLU3, 1337 P037RY 5UCK5, BU7 50 D0 Y0U?

  5. @letters
    You lasted longer than I did. I looked at the first lolcat bastardization of the English language and mocking of an animal and smelled dead fish.

  6. what exactly is the criteria for getting onto the top blogs?

    I've never made it up there in the top 10, but I have many times made it on fastest growing blogs, and i had 1 post make it on top 10 posts. what does it take to make it on the top-blogs list?

    surely it cant be based purely on number of hits...

  7. It's not. Nobody knows exactly what it is, but my guess would be that VIP blogs are never excluded from the list and that often fiddles things to push down some blogs and pull up some new ones that they want to feature more prominently, for whatever reason. But it's not completely edited; I've seen spam blogs make the list several times.

    OT: I rediscovered something more mindless than Cheezburger, but a LOT more fun: The Subservient Chicken. A classic of the internets. Type in "ballet" for a quick laugh.

  8. mmmmm..... i'll have a drumstick when s/he's finished with swan lake

  9. Hey, "Perform Shakespeare" is also worth watching.

  10. How many hits/page views/whatever cosmic mood wordpress is at the moment do you think it takes to make it on the fastest growing blog list? That's my next goal for my new blog. And also just noticed that Scoble isn't on the top in my dashboard. :O

  11. You know, I made to Featured Blog on fastest growing with 136 hits once. It's probably if you hit a multiple of your average or something.

  12. Where can I see my average # of hits/day?

  13. On your stats page graph. It should show the hits from the last 30 days as a vector graph. Does it not?

    Oh, you mean an actual average? Sitemeter will tell you, I think, if you have an account there. Otherwise I just eyeball it.

  14. oops, double post demon strikes again!

  15. It's pretty easier to hit fastest growing if you have a low average... it's definitely having a day with multiplier of your average.

    Once your average hits over 1000/day you'll almost never hit Fastest Growing again

  16. I think it engtech is correct, in that fastest growing does not seem like a competition among blogs, it is a challenge to best do better. *shrugs* That's how I look at it anyway.

    The title of this thread killed me, (having God & ICHC in it) with the front page format change, ICHC made the page under the Religion tag a few times. Go figure.


    wall street journal article on I Can Has Cheezburger

  18. todayyesterdayandtomorrow

    Thanks for this link engtech, wsj wrote an excellent piece explaining this.
    what was it ... 500,000 hits *per day* with 200,000 uniques?! He had been unemployed and now he's able to pay his bills. Go him! I'm going to look again, see it from a new perspective. That article was very good.

  19. For the sake of clarity, what is a 'unique post'?

  20. Unique hits means each individual person that visits your site. But overall hits are higher because visitors usually visit more than one page. If I visit your site, that's one unique hit. But I can give you five hits if I visit or click five different links on your page.

  21. No mymyspacelayouts that is not right.
    After uniques come *page views*. Hits include every single file called eg: each image equals one hit.

  22. This is from the FAQs Questions on Stats

  23. Sorry, there is no God.

  24. There is no god of blogs. The pantheon was closed several hundred years ago and they aren't admitting any more. That's why blog popularity is in the hands of...human beings.

  25. Really. I didn't know that. I thought the God of Blogs handed them all over to Satan the King of Adsenselessness and his demonic minions the "blog scrapers and spammers".

  26. No, no. Blogs are in the hands of advertisers and nerds, which explains why justice is so skewed. Victoria's Secret models and LolCats will always win in this meaningless universe. So, if there is no god, blogs are absurd, so Cheezburger IS divine!

  27. I knew all those courses in philosophy would pay off someday!

  28. Thanks for that link raincoaster, subserviant chicken is my new best friend.

    Type in "tantrum" for a laugh. I also tried "sexy" and just about pee'd my pants.

  29. what is a "lolcat" - I've only just encountered this term since beginning to blog here and suddenly I feel like I'm 80 years old.

  30. I've submitted MANY lolcat pictures and not one has been posted. Well I think they were funny. lol But they get I read over 500 submissions a day. So the thing I don't understand is why don't they post dozens of them a day? Even if it's the same pictures, I would think the new captions are funny. Or maybe there's legalities behind it.

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