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if there's a view on the pw protected entry does it mean the person guessed the

  1. plz say no, so i'll feel better. haha.

  2. it could be that the reader clicked on the link but nothing was shown if the right password was not entered.

  3. You can always make the password better :)

  4. so it's either viewed or not viewed but there's a possibility that the wrong password was typed? hehe, did wat u said immediately, mark. although i'm amazed, because the pw's not that predictable. this guy must really know me.

  5. thistimethisspace

    If you really want what you post to be private then there are two things you can still do. The first one is to link your wordpress username to your blog url rather than to your friendster blog url. This will cut down on the "predictably" factor. You can also password protect your whole blog whole blog.

  6. Okay so that a way. So it is like wat sulz said? That this view does not necessarily mean that my blog entry is viewed? Please reply! I'm yanking my hair off! ARGH.

  7. why are you yanking your hair off? Either they saw it or they didn't. Suggestions have been made to make your posts more secure in the future; you cannot change the past.

  8. Yes I point crying over spilt milk. Besides, I'm kinda impressed someone actually guessed it. For a moment. Will secure it once i'm sure the views do not rocket. Hehehe.

  9. /nod to judy
    @ nutmagz
    The best passwords are not "words" at all and that means they are less likely to be "guessed". There are many free random password generators available on the internet for you to use random password generators

  10. The fact that you got a hit does NOT mean that somebody read it. It only means that somebody came to the page with that post on it, even if they stopped dead at the password stage. That will count as a hit.

  11. thanks ppl. phew. =D love u guys.

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