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If upload blog to own hosting, will blog hosted in WordPress dissappear?

  1. Hi

    As I am about to host my blog in my own hosting account, I need to clarify the following questions as soon as possible.

    1) If I uploaded my blog into my own hosting account, will the original blog in dissappear?

    2) If answer to (1) is "No", if make changes to WordPress blog that is now hosted in my own hosting account, will the original blog that is/was hosted in WordPress also get updated automatically?

    3) What is the difference between and

    4) Is blog hosted in allow PayPal and Clickbank or Amazon affiliate links?

    5) Will allow PayPal script if I had the blog uploaded and hosted on my own hosting?

    6) If answer to (1) is "No", after I uploaded my blog to my own hosting, can I still log in to blog and amend my blog from within WordPress environment?

    7) Does allow article or rss feeder script?

    8) Do WordPress blog allow direct traffic directed from Adwords PPC?



  2. I'm not even going to attempt answering any question except #3

    3) What is the difference between and

    If you'd read that first, a lot of your other questions would have been answered.

  3. 1. No
    2. No
    3. Sticky thread at the top of the forum
    4. It depends
    5. You can do what you like on your self-hosted blog, but not on your blog
    6. Sure. You'll be running two separate blogs. If you want to keep the content the same you'll have to do it manually.
    7. Yes.
    8. No.

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