If you block a subscriber, does WordPress tell?

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    Just that–if one blocks a subscriber, does WordPress notify the subscriber? Also, can one turn off the subscription feature?

    I searched about blocking subscribers, but no thread seemed to speak of notification.

    The blog I need help with is thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com.



    Blog Subscriptions Widget
    In order to have the blog subscription feature operate on your blog the blogger (you) has to set up a blog subscription widget. The Blog Subscriptions Widget lets your readers sign up to receive an email each time you write a new blog post. The blog subscription feature does not anticipate blocking subscribers from subscribing to publicly available blogs. In fact it’s provided for the opposite reason ie. to make your blog content accessible to a wider audience. Even if you could “block” this or that person it would not be effective. Anyone can access a publicly available blog and read the latest posts on their monitor and/or in a feed reader.

    RSS feed URL in feedreader
    Also note that anyone can subscribe to a public wordpress.com blog like yours and read it in a feedreader and you will not know who they are. All they have to do is type the URL for your feed into a feed reader like this
    Then they will receive all posts you publish on your public blog in their feedreader. In addition if they wish they can subscribe to comments on your posts as well. All they have to do is type the URL for your feed into a feed reader like this

    I hope this clarifies things for you.


    Hi, Timethief, thanks. Well, the particular bad spirit I’d like to hear less from might not go to those lengths, to subscribe through a feedreader. So let me try to ask again, if I cancel the Blog Subscription widget or if I simply remove this person from the list of subscribers, in either case, does WordPress send them an email notifying them of this action on my part?

    I have counted myself lucky to not have a large readership, at least among some elements of the population. I’ll give an example: during the campaign, I posted a legitimate critical piece on Obama, and from one site in the UK I got commented an incredibly racist response that made me regret membership in the species, let alone blogging. It literally made me cry. Sometimes small is just fine and even a way to survive.



    I just subscribed to a blog that I am admin on with an email address not associated with that account. Got the two email for the subscription (are you sure, click here then this is what you are subscribed to) then I went in as admin and deleted the new subscriber (my other email address) and the subscription just went away, no notice anywhere that I could find.

    So the email should just stop. That observed, the person in question could just resubscribe (I don’t know if the block thing stops subscriptions) or subscribe with a different address. Or if they have an account at WordPress.COM set your blog up in their account to show you posts in the Readomatic thing.

    As long as you have a site on the web that allows subscriptions or comments you have the potential for someone to take offense at what you say.


    Thanks, Auxclass! Thanks so much! You’re right, of course, too–having a blog means taking that responsibility, and Timethief said the same. In fact, I’m not going to delete his subscription. Put some hair on my chest. Be good for me. But I’m glad to have this info–your kind experiment– as a backup, and in fact, if this were the racist thug that made that one comment, I’d delete it anyway, but this person is just really annoying. Well, so what! Thanks, ta ta!

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