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If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?

  1. Help us improve themes here on by posting a brief reply to the following question:

    If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?

    Please share one thing you would love to see added to or improved on with your theme. Make sure to include the name of your theme; it can be found in the footer of your site or in your Dashboard under Appearance → Themes.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If I could change one thing about my theme, Vigilance, it would be to display the post, or at least part of it, in the archives/categories. Currently, it only displays the titles.

  3. Using the Simpla theme. I'd like Next Post and Previous Post links.

    Thanks for asking.

  4. @andrew, I agree that should be standard on all themes here.

  5. Twenty Ten - I would like to be able to flip the font to Ariel - I don't want to mess with Type whatever - just flip a simple bit to a different standard font

  6. Hi Lance

    I am using Theme Enterprise by StudioPress;

    Whenever I check my individual blog post, I see two arbitrary post title with links (which are automatically grabbed from my older post) above my post.

    But...These two links are not from the same category of the post which I am visiting.

    If I could, I made them of the same category.

    Om Prakash Chowdhury

  7. pornstarbabylon

    In Inuit Types, if where "You may use these HTML tags and attributes" shows was deleted with all that yellow code deleted. It just looks so messy. Most people never use any code. The occasional bold text is used by them. But in all my years of blogging and roaming blogs, I don't even know what most of those codes mean or do.

    In the same theme, if the RSS feed at the top right was gone. Because it doesn't show the RSS feed for comments also, it defeats the purpose. So I have to add the widget that has both RSS feeds for posts & comments.

    The comments section in my other blog Vigilance is ideal because it has no messy code at the bottom and it also has permalinks for each comment.

  8. I'm using Elegant Grunge by Michael Tyson and would love it a lot more if the photos in the flickr-widget was a bait smaller.

  9. ChaosTheory-add the custom header/featured image feature.

  10. Digg 3, if you can provide a few beautiful free background pics to choose from, it will be great. Thanks.

  11. To answer the question... I like the theme 'Spectrum' theme, but wish I could change the colour of the post banners to match my background. I think the green banners stand out too much.

    Also, on some themes, the tags appear above posts. I prefer them to be at the bottom.

  12. debbirobertson

    This really pertains to any theme, but having the ability to customize the size of the header would be a great benefit!

  13. I use Enterprise which is a lovely theme. When doing blog posts it would be nice to have full font control when writing posts.

  14. I'm using vigilance.

    I'd like to be able to swap the font color to black, in themes that have a dark background(talking abt. themes with customizable backgrounds).

  15. I use TwentyTen on two blogs, so I would like two changes! 1: I would like the typeface to be the same throughout, preferably the sans serif font. 2: The HTML stuff below the comments box not to be seen

  16. I love Modularity Lite and would like to have more Theme (Layout) Options - for example have 1 column of widgets and 2 of posts etc .... more magazine type styling.

    Thanks for inviting our comments and wish lists ...

  17. I have been using several of your themes to find my "perfect" one. Currently I am using TwentyTen. I would love to have the comments on the front page made so that you can see where to click more easily (optional at the top of the entry as well).

    A second (if I was allowed it!) I would love to see quotes made more like some of the other themes so that they stand out more (large " at the beginning and maybe optional change of background colour).
    The key things I like about TwentyTen that keeps me there is customisable header, background (non see-through), menus and having the blog name and tagline well placed.

  18. Using Twenty-Ten and love it because of it customization capabilities. I would love to be able to have different fonts and sizes available for posts as well as titles, page names, and other headers.

  19. Shoo wee guys- you have your work cut out for you.
    The theme i use does not allow you to look at archived theme headings all on one page. More specifically, if you click on a certain month.....only ONE title shows, you then need to click older posts to review more. This becomes a clicking marathon. (I have therefore made a page and called it ALL my posts! People click on it.) And perhaps if we could have the first five lines or intro? AM I NOW ASKING FOR TOO MUCH?
    The same thing happens when you look at the "categories". You cant see all the headings.....only one at a time. I thought the point of finding catchy titles was for people to really want to take a read. Teh problem is that they cant see all the titles, only one at a time.

  20. maxtuscreatives

    We should have at least Sans or Serif font option.

    Many theme have custom header but hight of the header is not flexible. Flexible hight help to present the header very well.

  21. To all themes: the background image can now be left, right and center. but it is always at the top of the website. I would like it if I could also choose up, center or down in the vertical direction.

    I think that this is not difficult to make?

  22. The two themes I find myself rotating between are Enterprise and zBench. The common change I would like to see made between the two is the ability to change the color of the top menus. I feel like the default black makes it tough to find a good color combination for things.

  23. horsewhispertje


    i'm using Motion by 85ideas. the only thing i want is to get everything in dutch now i still

    have english and dutch

  24. I use Bueno and would LOVE an option to be able to TURN OFF the all caps in the title and the tagline. Seems an odd choice to force caps when you could simply just type in all caps instead.

    Would also be interested to have pixel control over the width of my page.

  25. On my second blog I use Vigilance. Would love the Header to be customisable to look more like TwentyTen. Picture crisper, Blog heading above picture, tag above picture. Everything else is great.

  26. kiefferceramics

    Prior to the ability to create a custom menu (which I added last weekend and LOVE!), I would have had a couple suggestions. The custom menu answered many of my needs for my K2 theme, one of which is that my blog page is not listed in my Pages widget and I can't make that happen, and I wanted direct navigation ability.

    I had designed my header to *make invisible* the top tabs --a bit clunky for me-- so the word "blog" was not visible up there, and relied on the Pages widget in the sidebar for navigation. I had decided to re-design my header to the top tabs were aesthetically appealing to me, and came across the custom menu. Perfect timing, WP! Many great things to say about the custom menu, and it solved several frustrations for me.

    Thanks for asking and thank you for continuing to improve our themes.

  27. I use Elegant Grunge, and the only thing I would change, is to make the "comment" link next to every post, bigger or bold style. It's tiny and it doesn't stands out as I would like it to do it. Friends that visit my blog tell me the same.
    Happy new year from Spain, and keep on with the good work here in wordpress, I'm an ex-windows-live-spaces and I really appreciate to have migrated my blog here. (sorry if I made some mistakes in english!)

  28. elsymolsonwpblog

    It's Ok but If possible I maybe had liked to have poss. to make a kind of "Banner" around the Post Titel...

  29. Actually, there are a few improvements I would like see with regards to ELEGANT GRUNGE, which I just activated this year:
    1. The Links ought to be bulleted in some form. I have to capitalise the first word of each post heading to make, say, Top Posts more visible.
    2. The Twitter handles are not highlighted in the Sidebar widget as they should be.
    3. I support another commenter who said that the default black of the header does not permit me to colour the text of the blog title brown, the characteristic colour of the Woodshed Group of blogs that includes Woodshed Entertainment.

    Otherwise, I always go gaga over each theme I choose. No worries there.

  30. gasstationwithoutpumps

    I use Rubric, the cleanest flexible-width theme that has a custom header picture.

    1) I would like for the tag pointers at the top of each post to point to the other articles in my blog that have the same tag (as the tag cloud does, for example), not uselessly off to the pages.

    2) It would be nice to be able to put a wider picture in the Rubric header, but that is less important.

    3) I find the different header picture aspect ratios a problem for changing themes. Having to create a new picture for each theme is a problem, and many of the themes have ridiculously wide headers (or rather, too high an aspect ratio: they'd be fine if they were a bit taller). Rubric, which is otherwise my favorite of the blog formats, needs a wider picture.

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