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If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?

  1. Using Twenty Ten, and love it, but would like to be able to change the font (without using Typekit). Also the typeface on navigation menus and sidebar is a little too small to be easily readable.

  2. My Theme is Twenty Ten. I would love to see a top widget area underneath the custom header area like the new theme, Clean Home. I would also like to have the "sticky post" ability.

  3. I'm using the Digg 3 theme. But in general it would be of a great help having an explanation with every CSS-sheet, so that you don't have to try what you think is the right thing to do and (most of the time) getting errors.

    Developpers can deliver such a help page with their creations.

    Ruud van Mens

  4. shannonleebanks

    In Modularity Lite, I would like to be able to create custom headers for each of the Pages.

  5. Using the Neutra theme. I'd like “Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.” can be omitted.

  6. In 'The Journalist' I woul'd like to have a top-level-navigation. It would make the layout just perfect.

  7. I would like to have Twenty Ten Weaver available as a theme for
    Alternatively, could you modify the present Twenty Ten to provide 2 content pages plus 1 sidebar ?

    Would be pleased to hear your comments.


  8. Duotone - More than 24 post thumbnails in "archive" page

  9. I'm using Bueno right now, and I'd really like to have Post Formats support so I can use asides... Otherwise I think it's a great theme!

  10. I use Chaos Theory. I would like to see the tags on my posts go to my own blog posts in that category, not to the general WordPress topics. Maybe there's a way, but I am new to WordPress and don't know how to do much. Also, in general I'd like to be able to make the line spacing single and not double spaced. Again, maybe there is a simple solution, but I'm a techno dummy and a lazy ass. Just want to click a button : D

  11. i would like to be able to play around more with the header. size, content and how and where to place the text in it.
    i would like to push a button and choose between two, three or four fonts.
    i would like small post pictures in archive
    i would like to be able to choose color on the letters in links etc. to get rid of the blue you are using so much … (that blue color stops me from using a lot of themes actually)
    i would love to have the picture exposed on "related posts" under each post one way or another (i would pay for it)
    all in all, i like and use

  12. I use Journalist to focus space on the writing rather than the fruh-fruhs, and I would like to see the left column writing space widened and the right column fruh-fruh space narrowed.

  13. I'm using Bueno. I'd really like to be able to get rid of the default blog header (title) without getting into CSS and coding.

  14. We use the Black-LetterHead Theme by Ulysses Ronquillo which is super but the one thing we would love to see added would be:


  15. I would change the color option. And to change fonts (even if only one), without had to use custom CSS.
    Want more colors besides gray. A larger header, and that accepts photos in PNG file without leaving the background in black.
    (My theme is ZBench)
    Oh, i would love to have the picture exposed on "related posts" under each post one way or another. +1


  16. custombladeworks

    a slideshow of pictures with white background instead of a black background , size automatically fit to the theme's size , maybe the possibilty to add some buttoms "back" an "forward"

  17. Hi people... :D

    I am pretty new to wordpress... and I am using the Koi Theme at present... I love it and I love how easy wordpress is to use... I would however like to be able to change up my fonts once in a while... I signed up for the typekit, but couldn't figure out how to use it... but noticed it had a little thing in the bottom corner of my home page showing the fonts used on my blog... which I didn't really like, so I deleted the typekit.... Is there any other way to use different fonts with my theme... thanks for any help... :D

  18. Hi =)

    I would like to change the background in to one of my own pictures, and the colours as well on my blogsite. Thank you for helping!

  19. I use Spring Loaded and I'd like the post display area to be wider.

  20. I use TWENTY TEN and I'd really like to be able to add a custom header image from my library. I accidently deleted the one I had and now I can't find it on my computer or the website where I got it from! But there it is, sitting in my library!

  21. For Under the Influence, I want it to have the option to change the background. And when I do change it, I want the background to be see-through. Thanks.

  22. Hmmm I'm not sure, But I have been wanting to put my everyfunny picture the main picture At the very top of my blog. but I can't :( Help!!!

  23. To be able to apply a chat widget from other sites for visitors can chat with each other and also to be able to add music widgets from other sites or if one could be made on that would be great!

  24. Reminder to please include the name of your theme; it can be found in the footer of your site or in your Dashboard under Appearance → Themes.

  25. I like the double-wide feature wizard in the 2 sidebar option for Coraline,
    this is great for tag clouds !!! /;^)

    I wish I could have that option in the Twenty-Ten theme as well.
    The drop-down sub-page menu under the header image is neat !

    Keep up the good work, WP is awesome .. /;^)

  26. I'd love the option to build my own theme, as I addressed in my thread:

  27. @chrisgiuliano
    As a matter of curiosity, how much $ are you willing to pay to do that?

  28. Well, considering blogger and tumblr both offer that service for free, that would be ideal, but the custom CSS upgrade is $15 per year, that's not too bad. The only thing is that nobody knows CSS. This idea would not only help out a lot of wordpress users, but also bring wordpress itself a lot more money. It's a win-win

  29. I'm not into paying for the priviledge ot creating my own theme. I'm also not into paying for a CSS upgrade and editing a stylesheet either. But if you are then that's cool. Without doubt is determined to market products to end users as it's a business and that's what businesses do.

  30. I have WP on my own server for when I want to write my own themes, edit my style sheets, and do those fancy things. When I want to publish my content easily, and with up-to-date hardware & software, that has cloud-availability . . . I use ..
    For that convenience, I'll do without my custom tweaks... (oh yeah, it IS free also ..)

    Now when a client wants these features, AND custom things like themes and CSS - they know it will cost, AND that is part of their business model. Such is life ... /;^)

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