If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?

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    I I could change one thing about my theme, zBench, that would the font (to calibri) and its size. I realise WordPress already has Typekit to help with the fonts, but it’s much more convenient to stay and change the font with WordPress instead to making another account.



    I would flip over backwards if you would give us a Picasa Web sidebar widget. I now this is not a theme specific request but it wold help my blog look a lot better. And thanks for all your hard work to bring us the best you are doing an incredible job.



    I use Misty Look Sadish, and I would like to be able to change the font and font color without using Typefont kit… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING ABOUT OUR INPUT!!!



    In the Twenty Ten theme, add an option in the General Settings to hide the Site Title. That way the user can incorporate the title graphically in the custom header, while keeping the site title information for search indexing, bookmarking, etc.



    Okay, I really tried to scroll through all the comments to make sure I’m not repeating anyone, but I’d be reading for DAYS.

    I use “Structure” and absolutely love it. Except for two things (sorry, I can’t choose just one). 1) the font is too small, and 2) I’d like the option of removing the featured post on the home page. People sometimes visit the main page and think I haven’t updated, because all they see is an old “featured” post image.

    Thanks for asking for our input!



    I use iNove. I would like to be able to customize the font sizes in the tag cloud. I like that they vary by number of posts, but I think they vary too much. Thanks.


    I use Paperpunch. I would like to have a custom header and turn off the RSS feed button at the top right.



    I’d like to be able to have a wider column width on my theme (Pilcrow).


    I’m using TwentyTen and I’d like:
    1) Having the possibility to choose the position of the sidebar on the left instead of on the right
    2) I wish to have a “bunner” in the front side bar, with running titles so to catch attention by readers on what’s new on the blog
    Thanks !! For all the rest it’s OK!!!



    I think on your mobile site it would be great if there was a way of scrolling right to the bottom of the comments. Rolling through pages and pages is a nightmare on mobile phone.

    I’d also like it if you could make an amendment in the comments management section.

    If I’ve been out for 5 hours and there are twenty comments awaiting release, it would be great if you could release them all at the same time (as in the actual time, say 1500). Currently, I have to change the time manually so other commenter’s actually get to see what the moderated person wrote.

    A bit of a pain…

    It would also be great if you could host third part apps. I appreciate you want to keep the site secure, but opening wordpress up to other developers would allow us to keep pace with innovations like video sharing etc…



    I have a difficult time deciding between three requests:

    1) Give users the option to turn off the site title and description for all themes that offer custom headers so that users can incorporate the site title into their header image without repeating the title and description. I would especially like this feature for the Twenty Ten theme.

    2) Let users have control over the dimensions of the header image for any and all themes that allow custom headers. If changing the width of the header would break the layout of the theme, then at least give us the ability to change the height of the header.

    3) Give users the ability to change the color of the black bars above and below the header image of the Twenty Ten, Coraline and Pilcrow (and similar) themes to allow for more variety of header color schemes that may not work with black.

    Thank you!


    I use Vostok and am generally very happy with all of the different themes I have used. The thing I would change, just for a random point of difference, not because I need it, is to have some different fonts available to post in. I have no idea how to use Type kit and would prefer to just be able to change the font right from the kitchen sink when writing a post.

    Thanks for letting us have our say!


    My theme, Spring Loaded, could only be improved in one way… add another place for widgets!! One small sidebar isn’t enough!!



    Thank you for this initiative!

    I usually use theme “twenty ten” which is really perfect with its possibilities but it would be ideal with custom colours for sidebar widgets. This function already has theme “vigilance”. Sometimes blue titles is irrelevant for blog design.



    Here’s my post about why block quotes shouldn’t be italicized. I use Twenty Ten but obviously this pertains to many other themes as well. Thank you again for asking!



    On the Archive Page, have thumbnail images of lst photo. I use MistyLook for 2 of my blogs and yes took advantage of its recent improvements.

    My suggestion would be for not just Misty but also for other templates.

    If the above is not realistic, my other request must be more doable since it’s not in MistyLook but in other templates:

    Automatically put 1 empty line to separate each blog post title in RSSwidget. It looks like an ugly block of text when there’s more than 1 title. See problem in


    Thank’s for your very valuable work. I’m using Grid Focus theme at http://pemudapersisgarut.wordpress.com, I love it because it looked professional, only it has not a custom-top level feature.
    Can you enable it for us?


    I’d like to see a facebook feed widget just like the twitter feed we already have.


    Theme Twenty Ten: How about a better way to highlight the “Leave a comment” link at the end of a post? Bigger/bolder font or a different color? A button with the other “Sharing” icons?

    As a reader scrolls down the front page’s first post, the “Leave a comment” link is quietly tucked into a bunch of other details after the “Sharing” icons. There’s a block of gray text stating the category of the post, its tags, and then “Leave a comment”. It’s hard to notice.

    When a post is read separately from the front page (by clicking on the post’s title) then it’s pretty easy to find the “Leave a reply” box at the bottom of the post. But that reply box doesn’t show up in a post when the post is on the blog’s front page.

    I don’t care about seeing the actual comments on the front page– I just want to make it easier for commenters to find the link!

    Right now I’m using a text widget to help readers find the link. But I think that text widgets are an indication of (and a poor substitute for) features that WordPress hasn’t yet implemented. Thanks!



    I think that the header on Koi is too small. Now it’s about six cm but why not eighet or ten?

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