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If you could change one thing about your theme, what would it be?

  1. I use the Kubrick theme; the clean and simple design is a great layout for my blogs, which include lots of artwork. It's perfect except that (since you asked) it would be a huge help to not lose the sidebar when a visitor clicks on an individual post. Many of my visitors come from other sites that have linked to me, and when those sites link to an individual post, my visitors often don't spot the sidebar, where there's info I need for them to see. I've been considering switching to in order to have the flexibility to remedy this, but it seems like an overly involved solution to a fairly simple issue.


  2. I LOVE my blog (which I just set up two days ago!). I've created my blog as an online version of my teaching portfolio. I am using Oulipo, which I like for its light, clean and uncluttered look, which allows visitors to the site to focus on the text. The fact that many "social" features, like the blog roll, tags, etc., are omitted from this theme adds to the professional look I wanted for this project. My ONLY complaint is that there is a no option to keep the left side-bar from being static. Though it's not a problem on my screen, those with smaller monitors cannot see the menu options at the bottom of the page. I'll just have to hope that no administrators or HR recruiters view the site on a mini laptop!

  3. So new to WP I'm clue less but would like to add photo metadata to what I post in Chaos Theory. Started with Duotone then switched to Monotone and lost Metadata I had. Can't figure out how to restore it. Is it even possible with Chaos Theory?

  4. Would love it if someone went to my blog and gave me a tip or two to help me get up and running.

  5. I'd like the ability to adjust how wide the text box is. As it is now, some of my pictures overlap the sidebar, which I don't care for at all. But there's so much wasted space in the margins. If I could make those narrower, I could have a nicer looking content area.

  6. healthcaretrends

    I'd like to see ability to change fill, border and font colors for TABS. This also applies to other TAB templates that I have tried as some are hard to distinguish from the background. I'm using Digg 3 Column and have noticed others would also like to change fill color of the tabs for Digg 3.

  7. ditfdenkendorf

    I would love an option to really disable comments for some pages /posts.
    At the moment it can be done, but there will still be a "Leave a comment" text "Comments Closed" "no comments" text etc.
    This looks unprofessionell.
    I use wordpress to setup websites for business customers.
    Wordpress would become a real nicem more general purpose CMS this way.
    At the moment we had to hack the CSS (not showing the divs at all) to get rid of the unwanted "comment" stuff.

  8. I really like the way TwentTen is printing its content. A print.css should be with every theme!

  9. I use Oulipo and I love it! The only thing I wish I could change it moving the comments to the bottom of the post. I write my blog to an audience and I would like to make it as easy as possible for them to contribute.

  10. harrythehandyman

    i use the theme Andreas09 and i would like both side bars little wider maybe by 1/2" if you put anything in them it goes into 2 lines

    but i like the theme

  11. I am an actual Structure addict but what I'd really really really like for the Structure theme is :
    Could the integrated search become an option that you could remove if you put an image in the header ? (and then use the widget). In the same way you can hide the text in the header, it would be great because very useful to be able to hide the search function in the header and implement the search widget.
    In fact, a lot of Structure sites I visited have the same visibility issue of the search function area than mine and it may not fit the picture we would like to put in the header.
    Thanks in advance if you decide to implement this...

  12. Pool theme.
    I'd like customizable column widths. Even expanding the main column width by 100px would be awesome.

  13. I use Coraline. I'd like to be able to change the column margins.

  14. If I could ask one improvement of every theme I have ever had, it is to allow me to choose NOT to display Page links prominently, especially in the Header area. I don't want my Pages up there! But I want to have Pages. It's a bit of a problem. If there is any way to have Pages and not have Page Links thrust in my face at the top of my theme (I use Elegant Grunge currently) I would love it.

  15. Theme: Misty Look

    Good morning from Germany :)

    I'd very much like to have a different color for the comments links - it's so bad to see by now. I'm helping myself with

    <font color="#8b0000"> </font>

    but I don't really like to do this for every link in an answer to a comment neither do my commentators.

    Would you please be so kind to think it over?

    Best regards

  16. I use Inuit for one of my blogs and I love the layout of the thing, but I really, really need a custom header. I'm having to do a makeshift version using the widget area at the top, but that means I have to turn off my blog's name in the general settings and anyone subscribing gets a blank [] when the email comes to them.

  17. pierrevaissiere

    I use the theme Twenty Ten. I find it superb and I would find it again better if it could propose other models for the pages. For example, not to have on all pages the same widgets.
    I am very satisfied and I thank the team.

  18. Hi, I would like WordPress to manage blogs using more than one language. Now I'm using categories to publish my posts in arabic, french & english.

    Another thing, I tried the new SlideShow it's working great but it would be even better if I was able to exclude some photos from a gallery and, if I could be able to use in a post, a gallery from another post : if you have the 2 post about the same subject, each in a different language (say french / english), and you want to use SlideShow, you would have to upload the same set of pictures twice, once for each post.

  19. Yep,

    For the theme greysed, i would like to change the image background of the blog !!!
    Sry for my poor english !!

  20. I'll join the chorus for some minimal flexibility in font choices within the themes. I'd switch themes to some others I like better, but for the fonts.

  21. Custom background for Under the Influence theme, please...

  22. I use Twenty Ten and love it, but would really love the option for a left side-bar widget area. Please! It is a great theme for managing a course.

  23. Oh, and to have a second widget for links - one for each sidebar, so that we can create different sets of links. Thank-you!

  24. Can I suggest TWO things? 1) I wish the tabs on my custom menu didn't bleed over into my top border image...thus allowing me to only use 1-2 custom menus when I'd really like to use several and 2) I wish there wasn't a red border around all the images I place at the top of my posts! (Ocean Mist theme)

  25. stcroixreformed

    Using Spectrum and wish I could control font options/color for Blog Title and secondary tag line below the title.

    Default font color doesn't show up well against the header graphic.

    Also wish I could control font size across the blog. In Spectrum, font is too large.

  26. I am using the theme Spectrum. The one thing I would like to change is the ability to add a referral to the Home page at the top of the page where all other pages are clickable. Right now I don't know how a visitor can return to the Home page where all postst are once they have clicked at another page at the top right hand corner of the blog. Hope I am making sense.... Am slightly computer technically challenged... ehum :)
    So, maybe I am missing something, then I would be grateful if you can share what...?
    I solved it my making a link in my right hand side bar.
    Thanks for the possibilty of having a free blog, I love my theme!!

  27. Thanks for all the input on the top things you'd like to see changed with your themes, everybody! We've been reading through and replying personally to each suggestion — if you haven't heard from us yet, you will. :) Some of your ideas will be making it into future upgrades to your themes and others into future themes that haven't even launched yet.

    We're closing this forum post for now but we don't want to let the conversation stop. If you have any other ideas about your themes, let us know about them! Post here on the themes forum and we'll take a look at each one.

    Happy blogging!

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