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if you could change the world what would you change and why?

  1. If you could change the world in many ways what would you do?
    I for one would elect a new president Obama is not what I thought he was he is destroying the world in many ways.
    I would also make prices of gas lower so we can drive more to where we need to go.
    I would get rid of the bullies at school and lonely kids would have more friends.
    Make sure everyone is treating each other with respect.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'd get rid of borders and religions. Utopia? Yes, but you asked what whould I do if I could.........

  3. I hear you hopeortiz

  4. We all wish for a perfect world, but that will never happen with all the hate,so I would take away all hate and prejudice that consumes the whole world.

  5. I would try to get rid of the what if's by doing what I can to make each day better which in turn make everyone else around you better, in a simpler sense past everything good forward :):):) btw the world is a ever repeat of years past, we within his time made a lot of good changes so far look back at centuries before :)

  6. I would hurdle us all back into the middle ages. We would work on farms and reinstill apprentiseships. The medical profession would work for free, but they alone would drive cars. Every one else gets to walk or ride horses.

  7. I'd experiment and change the culture.

    Half the year people would live in our normal, high-tech world and drive technology and the business world forward. The other half, people would live on communal farms...something like Israel's kibbutz movement...or maybe something like the no modern technology lifestyle of the Amish... with very little, to no technology outside of basic plumbing (for toilets etc.).

    We'd get back to nature and our lives would de-stress as the population went back to a simpler time. Sensory overload due to TV, Radio, the Internet, video games, Cell phones etc. would take a much needed break. (Half a year's break.)

    I'd be interested in such a thing anyway. ;)

  8. I would get rid of all the Lols, FTW, LMAO etc and send everyone back to English school, so that they can learn to speak and write like it was in the 19th Century

  9. @noirciplume - what if they are not an English speaking nation?

  10. Like the USA, for example................... *WEG*

    = Wicked, Evil Grin

  11. well only the English speaking nations then :)

  12. I agree noirciplume have the stuff people say anymore i dont understand to many Lols or FYI some of them I do understand but we should be speaking english not slang.

  13. I just skip right over those slang comments without trying to understand them. I couldnt even if I wanted to. Thats text talk not blog talk. English is dying. I have a great friend whom I highly respect. The other day I used the word maniacle in a sentence. And he asked me to define the word, having never heard it before. We americans have poor skills.

    Of course once we get rid of technology, everybody will talk like shakespere.

  14. Ok, everyone's going to say, 'Oh no, here comes the dull veggie!', but the thing I would change is the way animals are treated and perceived. I would make sure that people had more respect for the lives of all creatures, not just for the humans. If we are talking about real change, as in re-inventing the world, then I would give the animals voices so that they could complain or tell someone when they are being mistreated.

    + I agree with the text speak issue. Can anyone tell me what MOL means - I keep seeing it and I have no clue.

  15. @alifebewhiskered

    As I have a built in dictionary on my browser, double clicking 'MOL' defines it as: Manned Orbital Laboratory. Clearly I am totally wrong!

    So a quick google shows that it means either: 'More or Less' or 'Meowing Out Loud'. I would go for the second one in your case :)

  16. Ah, thank you. It's probably 'more or less' but the 'meowing out loud' has really tickled me. Sorry anti-text-speak friends, but I love it :)

  17. text-speak is annoying but I find the LOL to be useful. I'm not a fan of :) It doesn't say enough. If there's ever a text-speak or emoticon way of expressing sarcasm, I will totally be using it.

    As far as changing the world? At this point, if every mother was given a live-in maid, or even a 1 once a week maid, I would be happy. You keep the mothers happy and the world would be a considerably better place.

  18. Momfog - EXCELLENT suggestion!!!! You get my vote for top change!

  19. my bad a mistook the true meaning on this blog LOL

  20. I have a college level in reading, I admit however my english is not as good as I would like it to be but I am trying very hard to make my english better, I love to learn I am 19 and a lot of kids rather play and watch TV I prefer reading and writing my novels.

  21. I'd stop the drug trafficking, particularly around the Mexican border. If kids getting shot pretty much daily isn't enough to put a dent in it, I guess nothing is. But still.

  22. luridtalesofdoom

    Subjugation! I would make the whole world submit to my own reign of terror as their brutal overlord.

  23. Pollution. I'm in Nepal now and it's a shame to see all the pollution in this country. If this is going to continue, there won't be a lot of nature, anywere, anymore!

  24. @rikvanos I agree with you 100 percent about that

  25. I would reinvent women.
    Thus getting rid of periods (but you can still get pregnant if you want to.)
    Ahhh awesome. I would probably change other things too...

  26. I'd like to improve tolerance of people who get all worked up when they encounter people or cultures that are "different." I hate it when someone looks at someone from another culture/point of view on life and thinks "How can they DO/LIKE/THINK that?" "I can't believe these people... they're so abnormal"

    Well abnormal to you, yes, because their normal is different from your's, duh!

    So I guess I want more cultural relativism. Oh and less cookie-cut gender roles. Women can be sexy without revealing anything. As Emma Watson says, "The less you show, the more people can wonder."

  27. @momfog
    You have said: "As far as changing the world? At this point, if every mother was given a live-in maid, or even a 1 once a week maid, I would be happy. You keep the mothers happy and the world would be a considerably better place."

    You are probably not going to like what I have to say. My opinion as an eldest child in a very large family, who had loving parents, but who refused to use birth control based on religion. We older kids were the maids and nannies for our younger siblings. We were robbed of our own childhood because our parents chose to breed like rabbits.

    I not give any mother a maid. Instead I would ensure every woman got an education in birth control and knew exactly what impact each child they produced in North America would have on this planet. They would know then that 80% of all the world's resources are consumed by North Americans and among them are those who choose to over-populate this planet.

    I believe it's ridiculous that we are still paying out family allowance to overproducers of children while they rob their older children of a childhood. So if I were in charge any woman who produced more than 2 children would find themselves without any government perks or subsidies of any kind.

  28. @hopeortiz
    I would work to convince people on this planet to produce fewer children.

  29. @timethief I like what you have to say just fine. Rampant reproduction is definitely an issue. Don't take what I said too seriously because I'm rarely serious, though I can be when the occasion arises. As the previous suggestion was to get rid of "tech-speak," I thought a light-hearted response was acceptable.

    You probably don't like me very much. I have five children, two of which were conceived while on birth control pills. As for being "robbed of their childhood," I assure you this is not an issue in our household, nor is "government perks" unless you count the disability my child receives because of autism. I suppose if I'd stopped at one child, I could've avoided having an autistic child, but unfortunately I'm not clairvoyant.

  30. dribblingpensioner

    i would destroy all weapon's of any sort

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