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if you could change the world what would you change and why?

  1. @momfog
    "I like what you have to say just fine.Rampant reproduction is definitely an issue."

    Yay! It's good to hear that we agree. :)

  2. @timethief - whilst not the eldest, I come from a large family also because of religious reasons. However, lucky, lucky me, I was the only girl - a born housewife! I left home as soon as I could. . .

    @momfog - if I could get you a maid, I would make sure he was the damned best maid ever!

  3. And hot, too? :-)

  4. @pattikuche
    I hear you. :)

  5. @momfog
    I visited your blog and it's cool. I discovered that you are a stay at home mom who is really into parenting her kids and I love that. I also love your cakes. Wow! Are you ever a creative baker and cake decorator.

  6. I would make water accessible and free for ALL in every town, city and country in the world.

  7. @timethief. Thank you very much for your wonderful compliments. I try. :-)

  8. @momgog
    You rock lady and I like your blog. :)

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