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If you could invent a music genre... what would that genre be..?

  1. This might seem like a weird question,,,... and it maybe, but if you could invent a new music genre what would it be...???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. strawberryindigo

    How about some slack key Caribbean pop with a of twist electronica punk. Kind of like a pineapple shake mixed with rum and coconut. yum

  3. I like the fashion/lifestyle mashup of what's called "steampunk". That's a combo of punk attitude and Victorian era clothes and technology - like the new Sherlock Holmes movies. I wish there was a music genre to go with it.

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    @invisiblemikey: There is! It's quite a small genre but bands like Abney Park are leading the way forward :)

  5. aubjamesmusic1

    @invisiblemikey, I will definitely put that into consideration on my next album , I think that is such an interesting combination, and brilliant!

  6. theinsanityaquarium

    Oh oh oh! The Cog is Dead are also a rather wonderful Steampunk band.

  7. Thanks so much! I'll look them up.

  8. Ooh, just had a listen. Really good. Death of the Cog. :)

  9. RiverRippling (and Warbling.) I do like the sounds of nature. But not the sort of nature that people decide to release on CDs. I've never heard birds that sound like the CD versions of them, I think they must say to each other: "here comes the recordist, everybody do your best unbird voice.)

  10. theinsanityaquarium

    RiverRippling sounds beautiful. That's something I'd certainly like to hear!

  11. I'd invent a genre of music that involves very little work and no musical talent, so that I could bang a few tracks out myself...

    ...yes, I know... A music genre already exists that requires no skill or effort - it's called [insert flame war inducing reference here]

  12. Farting. You fart and then invert the sound until it makes a song. I'll call it autofumes

  13. A gentleman named Joseph Pujol was already doing musical farting at a high level of skill in the 1890s. His "inversions" were accomplished without software:

  14. My cat, Oscar and I have invented Gurgling Gutsymphonic. He sits on my lap and his stomach gurgles in harmony with mine. :)

  15. I'd call it ambient-electro-wist. Essentially, it would be a very expressive music type based around acoustic piano melodies that evokes the feeling of nostalgia and wistfulness. It would contain some electronica influences like sythesizer harmonies. May or may not contain vocals.

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