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If you don't have many comments/views on your blog, what keeps you motivated?

  1. pornstarbabylon

    Also if you want to get hits from the forum or when you comment on other WordPress blogs, you can edit your profile under Contact Info and place your site link starting with http. Click Update Profile and your name here on the forum and elsewhere on will be clickable.

  2. I started blogging more as a personal release rather than to have other people read it (although if that's what people are after, I won't stop them!). I like to have a record of what I'm doing and thinking and feeling, and I usually have so much to say that I get hand cramps if I'm journalling manually - hence the electronic blog. Plus, I really have loved writing in the past and I feel like I don't do it enough anymore. So my motivation really comes down to being creative and expressing myself.

  3. I wouldn't write a blog if no one would visit it, what's the point, I'm not gonna write a blog for myself cus you know your own stuff already, no need to write it down again imo. One day I saw my view rate drop to 12 views only and that I can tell you is NOT a motivation. I really like the feedback I get from readers which allows me to change and improve my blog based on it. But the biggest motivation is getting views and comments of people with the same interests as the blog you write.

    On a side note, saturdays are not good posting days cus the viewership is generally lower than other days. I guess we need actual socializing too :)

  4. This is my first day on this forum. I am also new to blogging and would like to know, how do you know if you are getting readers, besides comments?


  5. OK, I read the instructions for beginners, yeh i'm not even on wordpress, sorry guys

  6. I just started a new photo blog. Actually, it's about the game Animal Crossing City Folk. I've gotten quite a few views, but no comments. Although I don't get any comments (which I wish I would), I still blog on it daily because it's just fun to do and look forward to doing everyday.

    I don't think people should blog just to try to get comments, because usually if you expect comments, you'll be very fusterated when you don't.

    However, I do get a bit fusterated about the fact that a lot of Animal Crossing blogs I find on this site has tons of comments on all of their entries.

    Oh well...

  7. pornstarbabylon

    Most people who visit blogs do not comment. They just read. Yes there are those sites that do get dozens or hundreds of comments each post. But be careful what you wish for. I also wondered why didn't I get comments while other similar like blogs did. When I started to, it became a nightmare sometimes dealing with many of the people.

  8. Lots of blogs have been blogging for years, and have built up their own communities. These things take time and work. They didn't get comments when they started, either.

  9. universalandparticular

    I like creative writing and I am just experimenting and trying out if my writing is any good. It takes patience and a lot of originality to be 'out there on web on demand and popular'....we live in consume society, if you want to be popular, you have to sell yourself, but I believe you have to stay truthful and original...I am not 'selling type'...

    It is me, you take it or leave it...I am looking for connection not for popularity...

  10. I am not motivated by any visitors. I write for myself because it can be a cathartic experience to write your innermost thoughts and feelings down. And if you help someone else, so much the better.

  11. Well, I just started my blog, so I really don't have much to go on at this point. But to be honest, I'm with the person who previously said "it's more for my own sanity than the amount of comments that I receive", or something to that effect. I post to the cosmic void that is the Internet. :p

  12. I started my blog, partly to gain an audience.
    But honestly, I don't think I need that.
    I like the thought of actually writing down what I think, rather than letting it eat at me.
    I'm going to continue writing as if there is an audience, and if there never is, that's actually fine.

  13. For me, just for fun- and helping out the occasional reader I do get. The problem for me is that I'm not too motivated to make a new post, as I ran out of ideas on what to post on, I'm too lazy, and my last post was a month ago.

  14. it's my dear diary, albeit a public one. if ya read it, ya read it, if ya like it ya comment, if ya don't don't...i've built up a few internet relationships here, and it's all good...

  15. I don't put too much pressure on myself about readership. I just started blogging last spring and I didn't think of it as blogging for the public, it was a creative outlet for me. But truthfully, validation from Joe from NY or Ito from Toyko does make me want to write more often.

    Also, this is art meets science. What we do is art, but its a science on how to gain readership. By the time you've researched everything you need to do to gain readership, you're either too confused or tired to write. Well, maybe thats just me.

    Be Cool - Chicago Aku Aku

  16. What keeps me motivated? Uhmm...let's say a laugh a day will brighten your day. When no visit or comment is recorded that'd still be okay because I can always hear ya'll bray. LOL.

  17. Before I had a blog of my own, I was a voracious blog reader; in fact, I have followed a couple of blogs for so long that it occasionally stuns me to think that I do not know their authors in person. But, did I ever comment? Never. Why? I have no idea. I read and read, and many posts touched me, and made me think, and I often recommended those blogs to my friends and family... but it just never occurred to me to post comments of my own. I am sure there are other people like that (as it has already been mentioned upthread). In other words, there are probably many readers who enjoy your content and get something meaningful out of it, but simply don't think to let you know by posting a comment.

    On the other hand, I must confess that I'm slightly allergic to the generic groupie comments that say "Great post!" or "That looks delicious" (in food-blog world, in particular) over and over again. I would rather get just a handful of real comments by real people having something real to say than dozens of those empty ones.

  18. The prospect of pissing off real assholes help...
    The prospect of observing those real assholes help.
    Blogging in a world of critters is like fishing for sanity in a pool of craziness.

    Come to my blog, see for yourselves. LOL~

    All sorts of nosense, for all sorts of nosense. That's the balance, and motivation of existence of this bloody world.

  19. I get motivated to write better so I DO get views/comments. Plus I comment EVERYWHERE until I get better hits.

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