If you DON’T pay WordPress to remove adverts then do you lose all legal rights?

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    It sounds too daft to be true, but this it was asserted in a reply to this post:


    Do you lose all legal intellectual property rights to your own work forever if you don’t pay for adverts to be removed? It doesn’t affect me much as I have placed my blog in the Creative Commons but I am sure it is very important to many bloggers.

    The blog I need help with is western-hindu.org.



    P.S. It may be silly asking this, but I read the TOS which says that WordPress is governed under California law, which I know nothing about. I know that all legal systems can have funny precedents at times.



    This is a very important question. How do we find out for sure?



    In our ToS there are sections called “Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy” and “Intellectual Property” (#7 and #8). Having (or not having) No Ads upgrade does not affect our policy.

    You have rights to export and remove contents from WordPress.com and host your site elsewhere if that’s something you wish to do. For example, some people prefer to host their self-installed WordPress.org blog with their own ads, ToS, privacy policy, copyright agreement, etc.



    You lose NO rights.
    If you write the next Harry Potter type books and make millions we have no right to or would ever ask for even a penny.
    If you document events and sell that story which becomes a movie blockbuster it’s yours, all yours.
    What you create is yours, only yours and we have no right or intention now or in the future to even try to claim it / change it – we can’t – because it’s yours.

    Part of the TOS does say that you ‘allow’ us to use your work. Without your permission to reproduce your work we cannot put you in tags pages, blog of the day, dashboards. The permission we ask benefits you directly.



    I kept reading through that thread for that bizarre piece of information referred to above and then I saw … Poppy.

    Poppy is not a person whose expertise in copyright law is such that I would consider it authoritative. If the opportunity to misunderstand and over-react exists, Poppy will take it.




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