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If you trust yourself, SOLVE THEM ! 7Questions in 7 Days

  1. Hi All. I joined WordPress today and I have an idea. In 7 Days, I am asking 7 difficult questions, if you trust yourself, you try to solve them. In addition to, if you have questions, send me. I'll put them to blog. Maybe there are lots of questions which we can't solve. Let's try. I think we will enjoy ;)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Solved one of them. Wasn't sure if we were suppose to show "work".

    On the first and third question I am not sure what you're asking.

  3. I apologized for my English.

    First: There are 2 numbers and they are 3. Try to make 30 with these 2 numbers
    Third: There are 4 numbers and they are 6. Try to make 64 with these 4 numbers.

  4. If you like questions, I'll publish some hard geometry questions. I published one of them. Pls visit my blog and share your feelings..

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