If you upgrade to Pro, are you still hosted by WordPress?

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    In WordPress Pro you can get a new name that ends in .org/net/ etc. but are you still hosted by WordPress? I am wondering because it says you can’t download another theme or plug-ins. Not interested in plug-ins but it looks like I can change my theme. What I can’t do, or figure out is how to change the posts I put on or that are already on the site to different ‘pages’ I want to be able to put certain ones under different headings I have created in the menu and can’t seem to find out how. I also have validated Zoho email and can’t find a place or way to put it on my site, along with the Zoho Chat that I opted for. Could you please give me a walk-through or some help. I have already spent over two weeks trying to get this to work. I still have the name bretcop.wordpress.com, the new name I made primary which came with the update to Pro is (email redacted)




    Yes, your site is still hosted on WordPress.com even with the upgrade. We don’t allow plugins on WordPress.com for security reasons. Also, themes can’t be uploaded to WordPress.com. Those are features of self-hosted blogs through WordPress.org. You can find out more about customizing your blog’s appearance here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/adding-new-themes/

    On WordPress.com we offer over 210 themes, both free themes and premium themes created by leading theme companies. You can view all of our themes at http://theme.wordpress.com/ and filter them by specific criteria under “Find a Theme”.

    However, we do have several built-in features that were inspired by many popular plugins. You might find what you want by searching for it at http://en.support.wordpress.com/

    What feature are you looking to add with a plugin?

    For more information on the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, please see: http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    I hope that clarifies things!



    Thanks very much for your answer. I am not looking for a plug-in, I don’t have any on my MacBook. But it seems when I chose the 2012 theme when I clicked on the live preview I was able to see it on my site. Then I went back and hit activate and it loaded. That is the one I have been having such a hard time configuring. That’s why I asked if we were able to upload themes.
    Maybe my confusion is that you can activate ones we have in WordPress but not one from off the site?
    I set up the menu yesterday, but I am still having problems getting the right pages/posts to appear under the right category, and if I do manage it then I can’t get rid of the old menu title. One other thing. I have a sticky that was on my home page which I changed to a static [maybe not a good idea?], so I “unstuck” it so I could put it on the front page along with the Greetings. But still can’t move it and it’s on every page.
    I don’t know been working on getting this right for over two weeks, shame I ever upgraded and now too late to do anything about it except maybe try a different them.

    I do appreciate your help, very very MUCH…



    Maybe my confusion is that you can activate ones we have in WordPress but not one from off the site?

    Correct. You can only activate themes on your site that are found on our WordPress.com themes page:

    With your custom menu, I recommend watching the video found on this page as it is really helpful in configuring and renaming menu items in addition to going over how the menu is set up and enabled:

    Once you get your menu properly configured, you will be able to simply assign a category to your new posts and they will show up under the proper category menu item. Here’s more information on categories:

    I went to your site and I wasn’t able to see the post that you “unstuck” being on more than one page. If you can let me know what post is giving you trouble, I’ll be happy to take a closer look.

    Also, this page on getting started with WordPress might be a great refresher for all the things you can do with your site on WordPress.com:

    I know that was a lot of information, so let me know if you have any questions.

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