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If you want the truth

  1. Go to Musings From The Bottom of The Bottle.

    News, reviews, interviews, editorials on everything from music to economics, created and controlled by a boozehound and a giant domestic cat.

  2. Is that Guderian in your avatar? :)

  3. Resemblence is uncanny, no? ; )

  4. I can't handle the truth.

  5. There is my broken heart on every bottom of a bottle.

  6. Well, the utmost truth is ... there's no such thing as truth.

  7. The truth is that giant domestic cats are a known and trusted source among certain circles. Especially if in the presence of booze swilling former teetotallers. German army uniforms also reinforce the validity of the claims those who wear them make.

    "Runt um er lieben!!! Er hat sie panzerfaust!!!"

    Or my favorite line from every WW2 film made in the U.S. - gratuitous Germans running amok shouting "Schnell!!!! Schnell!!!!! Achtung alles!!!!"


    "Amerikaniesch falschimjager hat gefallen!!! Auf der Normandie!!!!! :)

  8. I was thinking more on the lines of Sgt. Schultz....

  9. Woot! Hogans Heroes!! ;)

  10. I know nothing about Hogan's Heroes, nothing!!!! (removes monicle) :)

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