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If You Were Hitler?

  1. theaestheticme

    I have posted a new blog asking what you would do if you were Hitler:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. we do have a whole thread devoted to letting you post your latest blog post

  3. and...I didnt read your post but I'll just assume your asking this question seriously. So, if I was Hitler I'd realize what I was doing was wrong, try to set everything straight and kill myself

  4. I'd shave my mustache, move to Japan, and insist that Hirohito grant me several personal Geisha that I could "blitz" at will.

    You know, all Hitler needed to chill out was his own Yoko Ono. Imagine (no pun intended), then we'd be lambasted with crappy Hitler/Ono sitar music albums rather than his racist ramblings.

  5. I'd run into a knife.

  6. theaestheticme

    Haha @ kstafford.

  7. You vill obtain rollerblades or be shot all of you, effryvun who vill not gliden in ze vind unt sing einen Yoko Ono song vill be exterminated.

  8. @gentledove mi no hablo espanol :P

  9. If I were Hitler I'd go back in time and kill myself.

  10. Taking this in another direction.....

    I'd have moved on Benelux and France right after Poland's fall in late '39, and then launched Barbarosa in '40 instead of '41. Definitely would have tried to reach Moscow before first frost and not gotten so tangled up on my right flank if at all possible.

    I'da lso have built some longer range strategic bombers, and not focused so much of the Kriegsmarine on "pocket Battleships."

    Who am I kidding...I'd just run around the Reichstag doing my Das Boat impression yelling "ALARM!!!!!!"

  11. You're just a Monday Morning Führer, K-staff.

  12. I prefer the term "armchair Fuhrer"...and one too technologically challenged to type an umlaut correctly at that. :-)

  13. Kstafford
    your whole game plan is doomed.
    You are going to run out of oil and you your oily mustache tells you so
    Screw Moscow for now, take everyone south and get those oil fields.
    No oil, no production. Its Russian oil or bust.

  14. Onward to Romania! :-)

  15. The Monday Morning Führer sits in an armchair, you know. You get to be both. Attempted world domination and megalomania was never so easy.

  16. Anyone who calls einen langsamspielenplatter einen LP vill be shot
    all schweinenhunds vill be shot
    Villiam Shakespeare vill be dug up unt shot

  17. hehe/// i would not have done whatever he did so hitler wouldnt be hitler if i was hitler... hahahahha...

  18. theaestheticme

    @ Gentledove: I think yours is my favorite. :P

  19. skrahyb vill be shot
    aw1923 did not come to visit me in prison in 1923 unt helfen me to write Meine campf-shot
    hevryvun else on this sread-shot

  20. Kermit von Frog - shot for his love of filthy swine.

  21. theaestheticme

    Haha. Bush, Jesse McCartney, Britney Spears, and Ben Stiller should be added to the list.

  22. you're really not that gentle a dove, are you?

  23. She is soft of feather
    but her peck is sharp
    she kicked the pianist
    while she played her harp
    lettershome-shot again
    Michael Jackson-shot
    schweinenhorses-shot :)

  24. She said she was gentle, a dove
    A woman with poems to love
    She took out her gun
    So away we did to run
    In a panic when push came to shove

  25. :o my bullets are only dangerous if they hit

  26. gentle dove, our poet with a machine gun.

  27. If I were Hitler I would have tried again to get into that art school.

  28. Blimey my avatar looks like Hitler without his stosh HELP I'm Hitler :(

  29. If I were Hitler, I heard he the type cannot erect one... then how to be him?

  30. If I were Hitler, I would have tried harder to be a part of The Beach Boys.

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