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If You Were Hitler?

  1. I would appoint Goebels to take charge of WP avatars

  2. @ wbrinegar, I believe you are stereotyping all megalomaniac sociopaths as (eg. Hitler, chuck Manson) as fans of the Beach boys. Thats just wrong.
    Hitler digged Beer Polka.

  3. Being a German Shepherd myself I would have given Hitler's dog Blondi some meat - he was veggie so you know Blondi was getting horrible left-overs.

  4. pornstarbabylon

    Hitler's 120 birthday and the ten year anniversary of the Columbine massacre is April 20. After the recent shooting sprees here in the US, I have a bad feeling for the 20th. :(

  5. drakexrockstar

    I would run around in circles.

    Then, pet my mustache.

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