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If you weren't doing whatever you're doing right now, what would you be doing?

  1. I'll get us kicked off:

    I would be baking a nice big carrot cake!

    How about you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'd be eating some carrot cake. Yum. Seriously, I'd be working. At this or that. Something productive and boring. Yuck. This is why I'm here, to avoid all that productiveness.

  3. Eating ice cream! I have a craving for it right now.

    You know what, I think I'll get some. *heads off to the freezer*

  4. Perhaps playing an MMO Video Game, but I'd rather be Writing

  5. Sleeping. After eating a huge slice of carrot cake, of course. That's my favorite.

  6. I'm with momfog. Sleeping and not getting ready to go to work.

  7. Probably masturbating, but I have far too much stuff to do before I even consider that!

  8. @ardpete

    Bonus points for honesty!

  9. Regretting, bitchez!

  10. I'm be in bed - although I'm torn between sleeping (damn long week) or "snuggling" with hubby.

  11. theinsanityaquarium

    I'd be watching Nyan Cat over and over until my head exploded from happiness. It's probably a good thing I'm on here instead...

  12. wow, I lasted 57 seconds, then I peaked ahead to see if it changed at all, lol I do believe this is something that you have to invest rigorous time in, in order to develop the mental wear with all to make it to the end


  13. theinsanityaquarium

    ^ You know you love it really!

    Right now, I'd probably be tidying my room, considering it's a craphole and I keep losing shoes. But the call of WordPress is too strong, too strong I say!

  14. I will say our Router died yesterday, and so last night when I might otherwise be on here, I was instead watching Casablanca, which I really love. Today, hmm, I suspect the owner of this Direct Connect shall be back soon, so perhaps I will work on my Sequel Screenplay a bit... Not sure though, perhaps something else

  15. Sleeping.

  16. Writing my blog post instead of perusing forums, checking Twitter, and Facebook (snooze-fest, BTW.) I have avoidance issues.

  17. theinsanityaquarium

    Getting ready for work. Blegh.

  18. diaryofakiwigirl

    I would probably be finishing my history homework that's due first hour tomorrow or studying for end of year exams. Yeah, I have such an exciting life. Yay for being a senior in high school!

  19. Editing photographs. My friend just gave me a whole load of images to edit.

  20. @Noir nice Noir

    @Anna Work sucks! lol other than that, Eating, Pay Rent thing... lol

    @Xjust Woo Hoo your final year, gratz

    I myself would probably be Working, and probably will be any moment, lol

  21. I would be studying, but seeing as I dislike the material for one of my courses, I am not.

  22. I would be on a long stretch of white, soft, sandy beach, having three people massage me all at once -one at my feet, one at my head, and one at my back. My front side would be facing down and there would be a crack in the massage table for my face and a tiny table right there that held a huge coffee soy milkshake, ice cold and creamy with a very long straw that I'd be sipping. This would go on for 4 hours and then I'd get up and have the perfect hot shower and lay down again for another 4 hours, same thing but maybe a mint chocolate chip soyshake. I could handle this for a good two weeks, nonstop. So they'd be working while I was asleep.


  23. I would be out saving the world or sleeping, whatever is easier.

  24. I would be lying on a beach in the Bahamas with a cold drink, a platinum credit card, money in the bank, and no worries about paying my bills.

  25. theinsanityaquarium

    At the moment, I'd be getting ready for work again! In the nice world of wishing, however, I'd be sleeping until it was time for lunch. And then there would be more sleep.

  26. If I weren't reading the WordPress forums, I'd probably be urinating as I'm in desperate need then get dressed but can't be bothered to get up...

  27. Sleeping I guess, being someone, I think, woke me at 6am... And so, here I am, lol

  28. theinsanityaquarium

    I'd be looking at lolcats 'cus my life is that awesome.

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