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If you where stuck on a deserted island

  1. What would you do on a deserted island stranded.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would probaly drink cocanut juice and chuck bannanas on monkeys

  3. Id cook the monkeys and eat them! lol

  4. I would also find something really sharp to cut trees

  5. I'd dance till my feet gave out.

  6. I would also kill animals and eat them. otherwise, I would eat bannanas

  7. I'd probably lie in the sun for a while. Then I'd unstick myself from the island, and phone somebody to come and get me.

  8. i would make myself my own celebrity, write songs, choreograph dances and be wiiiild with it :)

  9. I would find a genie in a bottle and wish for a companion to spend my time with, but if i couldn't find a genie i would build me a hut for shelter and find food to stock up and then medicine from plants in case i needed medical attention then i would build a big fire and keep it lite to signal a plane or a boat.

  10. I'd sleep.

  11. I'd open a convenience store

  12. i would roam around and hope to find some tribal inhabitants. once found would like to try my luck with some hot tribals... ehehhee...

  13. I'd like to be on a "dessert" island, filled with banana splits, milk shakes, and beautiful ice cream women.

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