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If you're wondering where timethief went

  1. haha, let's get the attendance and venue and lodgings sort out first, shall we? ;)

    gosh, we really went off tangent.

  2. No, unfortunately tsuris, particularly online, can be a bonding experience.

  3. So is that covalent or ionic bonding we're talking about? Nice use of "tsuris" by the way. If we had a "word of the day" club, that would be my pick.

  4. Timethief has her blogging tips blog back up on "another blogging platform" and it can be found here: . So now you can go to tumblr to get the most comprehensive beginners and resources guide about WordPress dot comming.

  5. nice. I hope she sets one up on how to use tumblr.

  6. She probably will. She's a huge fan. Sunburntkamel pointed out their policies and they're very nice. I may start teaching Tumblr blogging.

  7. I set myself up a test blog at tumblr so I can do some playing with it. On the surface it looks quite limited but you can add your own custom HTML and they also allow you to write and upload your own CSS. I just haven't had the time to play with it yet.

  8. I did that too, tsp. It looks like it could be fun, though I'm not finding it immediately instinctive to work out what I'm doing there. But once timethief has worked it all out and told us, that'll help!

    I'm a bit nervous about moving again, too. I only moved to (from which I only chose because they had a fabulously pink and flowery theme) about 6 months ago. I'm pretty sure my readers are going to be irritated if I change my address again so soon.

  9. My main blog I switched to self-hosted on October 2007, so I won't be moving that one. I have three others that I set up here but haven't done anything with them so theoretically I have nothing to move, but I figured I'd play with tumblr and see what I could do just in case.

  10. I'm wondering about self-hosting too, though slightly scared of (a) techie stuff and (b) paying. But I'm also wondering about setting up a website, in which case self-hosting seems like a good idea. No decisions from me anytime soon! I'll be interested to keep an eye out on timethief's experiences with tumblr though.

  11. I just got a server given to me, which is a bit like buying a two-year-old a Lamborghini. I have absolutely no idea how to use it.

  12. Trade you pannycakes for that server.

  13. What time should I expect you here?

  14. I'm pretty sure my readers are going to be irritated if I change my address again so soon.

    I had regulars get upset when I changed themes! I then put it back to what it was I have now on my other blog so they wouldn't get more upset. lol But yeah people do get pissy if you move. When I was at Deansplanet and couldn't be there anymore because I came here, regulars couldn't find me but then found me on Google again in a few weeks and emailed me and were like what the bleep happened.

  15. Oh I can be on a plane Friday. Need time to pick up a passport. ;)

  16. nosysnoop: so far all my readers are supportive whenever i change themes. but i'm known to be fickle that way, heh.

  17. I'm going to try to learn to use this thing, but I might not have the budget for the kind of internet connection it would need. We shall see.

  18. What do you mean someone gave you a server? A new cable line?

  19. No, the actual computer-type box with software preinstalled and all. I have yet to fire it up, because there's no room right now in the livingroom. I'm going to totally redo this place once roomie leaves.

    Last night he used it to prop up the foot of his bed!!!

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