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  2. This is something best put in your blog and not in the forums.


  3. Nah. That would make sense and stuff Trent.

    ::waits to get hit::

  4. oh. my. gosh.

    Club Penguin?!?!?!!!!!! Do you actually Club Penguins?

    I mean really. I know what CP is, but the name is just inappropriate.

  5. Can I bring Snozzbert?


  7. a penguin, silly. He's cornell's pet.

  8. Or vice versa.

  9. a silly, penguin? ;-)

  10. A silly cornell maybe. That would make sense. ;)

  11. Indeed, I am Snozzberts pet. I am only allowed on teh (sorry!) computer when Snozzbert says.

    He was really looking forward to Penguin Club on Thursday and I got a good beating when I told him it wasn't real.

  12. i love snozzbert stories. keep 'em coming!

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