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Ignorant about CTR

  1. Just trying to improve my knowledge. Now yes, I have searched - WP and Google. I've consulted knowledgeable blogs. I haven't found an answer.

    I found a lot about CTR (Click Thru Rate) in relation to advertising, but nothing really about blogs or other non-advertising stuff.

    What can be considered, if anything can, a reasonable CTR on a page/article/post - whatever word you prefer.

    Or is this another "how long is a piece of string" thing?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The stats I've seen are that you lose over 80% of people by making them click through to read the whole thing. That said, it's becoming more common now, but the power of your lead paragraph is paramount; it's advertising, whether it's on a blog or not.

  3. Not that click through rate, Raincoaster - I meant ctr from the search results (Googel, Yahoo, Bing etc) to your actual website.

  4. That's not CTR. That's referrals. And what did you want to know, exactly? Usually those results are analyzed when people are deliberately attempting to rank highly for certain search terms. Which terms are you after?

  5. No, Raincoaster, that is CTR. Very clearly stated as such in Google Webmaster Tools - not only that, I used to work for one of the best internet marketing companies and CTR was very important.

    Referrals are what show up in your WP dashboard, yes. But I am talking about the percetage of click through to become a referal from an impression in the search results.

    The terms are fine - that is not a problem. I just want to know if a CTR in Webmaster tools of 7% is reasonable.

    Hope that clarifies it!

  6. I was TRYING not to quote any figures, but you forced me into it. :( LOL

  7. 7% doesn't tell me much. Is it 7% if you're the first search result?

  8. It is the percentage of imrpessions from searches that are "clicked through" to the web site. I don't know how else to explain it, Raincoaster.

    It is right there on everyone's Webmaster Tools screen. In the case of Google Webmast Tools it is under "Your site ofn the web" --> Search Queries ---> Top Queries or Top Pages.

    The columns are Impressions, Change, CLicks, Change, CTR, Avergaew Position etc.

    Does that make it clearer what I am talking about?

  9. Do you ever sleep?

  10. Yes, I sleep in the daytime, which should make my new job interesting.

    So the 7% is the percentage of hits on your blog that come through search engines? Seems to me that is kinda low, but then Search engines once loved me and I got spoiled. I've been well over 10% for as long as I can remember. Yesterday I had 1371 hits, and of that, 1011 came from search engines.

  11. No, that's not it either. Sorry Raincoaster I'm not sure what I'm not explaining properly, as I was sure you of all people would know this off the top of your head. Nothing to do with WP stats - get that out of your head.

    Here - this might help:

  12. From what I gather, you MIGHT get 10% IF you are number 1 on the results list, so I'm trying to validate that as far as blogs are concerned.

  13. I get about 25% from search engines, just to clarify that is not what I am talking about.

  14. From that, it looks like I was right earlier: it is the click through rate on searches for specific keywords. Obviously the CTR will depend on the keyword in question, since your blog will not be optimized for ALL POSSIBLE KEYWORDS.

    So it goes back to: are you trying to corner the market in a particular word, as these marketers are? If so, what is the word, and what is your specific CTR on that word?

    If you are not concerned about ranking high for a particular keyword, it doesn't matter.

  15. Several phrases lead to the same page. All relate to spouse or partner visa or 309 visa or visa denial. couldn't care less about the specific search term (keyword is too narrow for this), just that they found it.

    I think I'll just be happy with 7% CTR on those pages!

    Seems like it is an OK % from what I can gather.

  16. I poked around on Google for awhile and at least from the way it's laid out it almost seems to be a selling tool for +1. Their columns are "including +1" and "excluding +1".

    But apparently is perfectly optimized for searches for "raincoaster" yet it only has an 8% CTR.

    To me, this is too far down the rabbit hole. I'm not going to change what I write to cater to a Google robot. If I were going to change what I write for the sake of pandering, I'd go back to blogging Beaver Shots and really get the social engineering on my side!

  17. D'oh. See how long it's been? That's Beaver Shots.

  18. I think you and I must have different Google Webmaster Tools screens, becasue mine certainly has nothing about Google +1 unless you go to the specific section for +1 statistics and I don't worry about those at all.

    Never mind, Raincoaster, thanks for your input. :)

    I found some other information in trying to clarify to you what I was talking about and I think I have it now anyway.

  19. Then please do explain it to me.

  20. LOL - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I'm going nutty already - BUT - here is something else you can get your teeth into - I think you will like this one - not really a question, just something I stumbled across.

    There are all these sites out there "evaluating" web sites and one sites "assessment" of it said I had far to many OUTBOUND links - I immediately thought of some of your pages.

    I link to stuff that is related to whatever I'm writing about and I thought that was a good thing - apparently not, seems it can be seen as some sort of ad swapping thing.

    I can't remember which "assessment" site this was - if I locate it tonight, I'll let you know.

    Doesn't matter, I'm not changing where I place links to external organisations. I doubt you will be either!

  21. Oh yes, I've certainly been penalized for too many outbound links. I have one post with 36 links: some years ago search engines had a problem distinguishing between legitimate links and spamming for trackbacks, but they're now much better at it and I don't believe the penalty is so bad. I may be mistaken.

    In any case, I've reduced the outbound links simply because I don't have the time anymore. And nobody paid attention to my witty Alt text anyway.

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