Ignorant. Please forgive me?

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    Blog.com mentioned they were part of WP. Is this correct? Also…I’m only asking this as I’m still not final as to who I wish to blog with. One thing I noticed on WP blogs, is it’s hard to find folks to follow. I also don’t see the section that shows ‘Who’s following’ in folks blogs, like on Blogger. I also don’t see any comments of a LOT of bloggers amazing works/writings, as you do on a lame blog over at blogger…Blogger it seems you can find folks with similiar interests to follow easier. Here…much more difficult. But is blog.com associated with WP?

    The blog I need help with is eclecticfreebird.wordpress.com.



    Blog.com looks like an alternative to wordpress.com that uses wordpress.org software. I just started a test blog and it looks very like wordpress.com. I think that a little competition will be a good thing ….


    Thanks Tandava. They keep wanting me to blog with them, but I haven’t tried it out. So far I’m leaning back to blogger. Thanks so much <3



    I have found this article which gives a lot of useful information: http://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2010/11/30/should-you-blog-on-blog-com-wordpress/

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