Ignoring my image support requests

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    Is there any chance of replying to my image upload support request from weeks ago, or has wordpress just decided to abandon the many many people who can’t upload images because of the useless new uploader?

    Is it supposed to be some kind of joke that you take away the only workaround the works (the image tree button) while you know very well that many people can only upload images this way?
    Let’s go through it one more time.
    It’s not upgrading flash. Done it. It’s WordPress not Flash.
    It’s not swapping between Flash and browser upload. Done it. Doesn’t work. It’s WordPress not Flash uploader.
    It’s not clearing the cache. Done it. It’s not the cache, it’s wordpress.
    It’s not switching to firefox. Was already using it. it’s notFF, it’s wordpress.
    It’s not upgrading Firefox. Done it. Not FF upgrade, it’s wordpress.
    It’s not switching to Safari. Done it. it’s not safari, it’s wordpress
    It’s not switching the computer on and off. Done it. it’s not the computer, it’s WordPress.

    Are you satisfied? You’ve killed my blog. Have no way to upload pictures now. And the worst thing is, you have made me resort to capitals. FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!



    You know quite well that none of the volunteers in the forum can do any of this for you. You know how to contact staff directly, even via email. So why do you continue to clog the forum with this? None of us can help you. You are just conditioning us to ignore your threads and posts this way.



    Because I emailed them and they didn’t reply. What else can i do but hope someone will see it and do something?



    No-one here can do anything. Really.

    Emailing them isn’t much better than posting in the forum. Stuff sent from the Dashboard has priority.



    lazyaussie – that is excellent retoric if you are the boss, and people are forced to listen. Here, in a forum of volunteers it’s just pointless. And annoying. And way too long.

    I understand you are frustrated. But shouting at us isn’t gonna help. You’d even piss off the people that are supposed to agree with you (even if they cannot help.).

    (And by the way – I had himalayan trouble with uploading photos. It seems to have been the connection, even if all else worked fine and dandy.)



    lazyaussie – if you can contact Support we will do whatever we can to get this sorted out.



    Ive contacted support and had the following reply back…..
    I’m sorry for the problems. This is a bug we’ve been trying to track down for quite some time now. The problem is that we haven’t been able to reproduce it from our end. I will add you to our list and keep you updated when we have a resolution.


    Just as an aside, is it only us users from outside the US who are experiencing this? Just a thought…..



    No, we’ve had users from all over with the problem, using all different browsers, different Operating Systems.

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