Iherb.com links getting redirected.

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    I’ve been trying to get an answer on why my links to Iherb.com are being redirected. No one has answered me. Can someone tell me why a link to this website gets redirected, but one to amazon does not?

    The blog I need help with is dbrunner281.wordpress.com.



    Try reading the link you are redirected to and count your blessing you are getting a warning about affiliate links (which are against the Terms of service here) and your blog has not been suspended for TOS violation – putting affiliate links in a blog is grounds for a blog being suspended – no warning required




    I did read it, and still feel like I’m not in violation. Is this what you refer to?

    “Links to external services and vendors that include a unique identifier within the link destination to tie the link to your account.”

    I’m not aware of a unique identifier that links my account to the link. I’m not receiving anything from them in form of payment, I’m just a very happy customer and want to share with others. What should I do? Being vegan in Europe is hard, and I’m just trying to help others figure out how to get products.

    I’ve written support several times and heard nothing, but instead, my question now ends up on a forum.

    It would be more helpful if someone who actually works for wordpress can reply to my queries instead of starting a thread with my problem so that other members can answer with passive-aggressive posts that offer no help at all.

    How about removing the link and just keep the link typed out as text? Does that work. I definitely want to avoid suspension.



    Yes, you can do that. Just edit the post.



    If you link to a specific product the link is probably looking like an affiliate link – try linking to their home page

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