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  1. delenafrancesca

    I paid for the upgrade (from to through my husband's paypal, but the domain name has not yet changed.
    Why? It's all ok?
    Sorry for my english.

    Francesca de Lena

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there. You are supposed to receive a verification email after purchasing the domain. The support doc says this can take a couple of days. Have you received that yet and how long has it been since you purchased the domain?

  3. - does not seem to be registered or domain mapped

    What do you see at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades
    Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History

    I have flagged this for the staff in case you were charged and need a refund to start over

  4. delenafrancesca

    thanks for your help. I still haven't received the confirmation email. For our bank and paypal account the payment is valid.
    In "may upgrade" there isn't procedure for registration or mapping; so I can not even cancel the request to receive a refund.
    Can I write to Customer Service at wordpress? I do not find their contact.
    I do not know what to do.
    Sorry for my english.

    Francesca de Lena

  5. Hi there.

    Can I write to Customer Service at wordpress? I do not find their contact.

    The thread has been tagged for staff by auxclass. Please be patient while waiting for them to respond. They can help you to sort this out.

  6. delenafrancesca

    thanks you for this.

  7. Hi there Francesca!

    As I checked your account, I can see several attempts to register the domain, but all of them weren't successful. Rest assured that your husband wasn't charged in the process.

    Going forward, can you try the purchase again by using a different payment method?

    Should you run into any problems along the way, let me know. Good luck!

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