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I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

  1. @ teamoyeniyi , its really not that hard to do and it won't take long

    @ supsierra , your blog will look professional as well it takes time , it took me a year to get mine as i wanted it

  2. @the explorers a girrrrllll nya nya nya (singsong) :P ok so I am childish today.

    @harrythehandy Hi it would be cool if you added an unusual diy department to your page. Many old houses in Ireland etc are still standing. The ones with thatched roofs? I have always wondered about the maintenence issues and stuff that comes only with owning this type of unique house. p.s. How come you never visit me?

    If anyone wants to visit me... I respond to all comments on my blog, by also checking the commenters blog out. Ive visited many of you already. Sometimes I can relate and sometimes I cant and then I just click that like button, to show my support.

  3. @Supsierra - thank you!
    @Harry - I'll try - it is finding the last one I split that will take the time! :)
    @lifewith4cats - I use the like button too - especially when I can't really comment on the topic sensibly, but still really like the post

  4. badlandsbadley

    I would really like some constructive criticism or critiques of my blog.

    I'm really enjoying writing it and I feel that it is getting better as I go. I, however, am biased. It is my blog after all.

  5. @ lifewithcats , can't visit i don't know where you live . i live in belfast and there's no thatched roof's :)

    we go for weekends around donegal,sligo etc.thatch is difficult and so are very old house's everything is so different that would really be a special blog or web site.i have been to your site several time's i'll go back as i like cats but ours have all died :(

    i have got a few comments since i started to post in showcase and 2 members have signed my visitors book

  6. @Harry - OK - I did it - but now my "Continue Reading" thingies are different font sizes - I just couldn't face changing all the font sizes by HTML like I did originally!

  7. @ teamoyeniyi , it looks fine , its a different size and colour so that readers can see it and they know to click it , harry

  8. @thelastexplorer
    I'm sorry about the gender confusion. Your avatar is dark and I'm visually challenged. :(

  9. Here's my latest:

    I do four humor posts and one playwrighting exerpt per week. Enjoy.


  10. badlandsbadley I thought your blog was very interesting. I love the variety of blog's you have posted. Though what is that 'help the invisible children' on your sidebar? I'm confused as to whether it is an advertisement or not, but either way I would definitely avoid clicking it. If it is something you want people to do maybe mention it?

    All in all I would give your blog a 9 / 10. I will be subscribing and checking back in the future :)

    Feel free to check out my blog as well :) And feel free to provide some constructive criticism.


  11. @ sara , theres the post you wanted about thatched cottages :)

  12. theprattlingsofseverin

    Well mine is really not worth a look. It is full to bursting with piffle and cods-wallop, balderdash and self-pity wallowing. No really, it is. I only write it, safe in the knowledge that no-one will ever read it.

    Warning: Contains some adult content.

  13. @Severin - you are right - with no link to it, we have no chance of assessing your own assessment!

  14. theprattlingsofseverin

    @teamoyeniyi Yes i'm confused about why my username isn't a hyperlink to the blog. Shouldn't that happen automatically?

  15. No it doesn't. Go to Dashboard, Users, Personal Settings and scroll down to where it says Website. Enter the address of your blog there and then it will link. :)

  16. theprattlingsofseverin

    Ahhh thank you, that works. My gravitar doesn't show up, but maybe that's not a bad thing and this is progress. Thank you.

  17. A lot of interesting blogs out there...

    Please drop by and visit me if you get the chance... no advice, witticisms or sales... just my poetical take on life and other stuff.

    See you soon :)

  18. @ theprattlingsofseverin , your site is fine you say It is full to bursting with piffle and cods-wallop, balderdash and self-pity wallowing well thats ok :) .

    the trolly bus i remember using them for years

  19. Harry's post about the cottages has some truly stunning photos! I want to stay in one!

  20. @ teamoyeniyi , thank you very much there will be a follow up , we were in the top cottage as we passed by one day over a weekend break , he has it filled with old things , a scene from a wake coffin an all , an old woman sits outside and he tells you all about the history and you put some money in the tin going out :)

  21. Some very good blogs on here. I don't think i will ever have anything or do anything as well as everyone here. I am a newbie at this blogging, have tried a few times on blogger and other sites. But have a habit of given up due to work schedules. I am trying again with photo's i have done... and will try to do more actual typing instead of just posting bits and pieces. I am still not certain if the theme i am using is the best one at the moment and if i should use wordpress on my own account. Which would supposedly give me more ways to alter... if people can give me advice that would be great... :) i wish i started using wordpress a long time ago..

  22. chuckbluestein


    I went to your blog and was happy to see the ad with Natlie Portman. I am a big fan of Natalie Portman and it is good to see her do other things besides being Queen Amidala. I also left a comment. My site is about medical breakthroughs but I think it has good information for every person that wants to avoid medical problems and live a long, happy life.

    For example says that cutting salt is as good for cardiovascular health as quitting smoking. So they are saying that salt is worse for you than smoking.

  23. @ chuckbluestein , your bolg looks fine i left you a comment

  24. @ ianbarringtonwebb , your blog looks fine i left you a comment
    @ chuckbluestein , the above post was meant for ianbarringtonwebb :(

  25. theprattlingsofseverin

    @harrythehandyman Thanks for your comments.

    So where were your trolley buses? Mine were in Derby. There's a museum i keep meaning to get to in Doncaster (

  26. my trolly buses where in Belfast , the 2 arms always coming off the cables 5 minutes to fix them , freezing cold , seats made of wood :)

  27. Hi there ... would love to have stop by SuperPals to see my new profile on a true hero who is saving lives in the tiny African Kingdom of Lesotho. Will check your blog as well! Deal? Have a great day... John

  28. onemom4rugrats

    I'm looking for some new blogs to read and I stumbled on this thread, I am going to go back over and read as many as I can. I am new also, I started at the end of last year but only recently picked up writing frequently. I cannot stop now! As soon as I drop my kids off at school I start "writing!"

  29. theprattlingsofseverin

    @onemom4rugrats OMG your blog is brilliant. I laughed a lot and now i'm hooked. Love your style. Thank you for brightening up my day.

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