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I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

  1. @harrythehandyman thanks. . Ye i wanted a very simple page so just the products and concepts were the important thing. there are lots of cool buildings going on at the moment. how long have you been blogging?

  2. @harrythehandyman. your blog looks great. you have massive worldwide following. Do you have any tips for me on how to make my blog more visited and traffic increased?

  3. @norisdesign , go to timethiefs site and search there is lots of information about it i'm sure someone will give you links here as well , i will comment on your site ,

    thank you for your comment i have been blogging for just over a year

  4. Mine is um, personal (teenager struggles with emotions and eventually grows up), but I have a little creative writing in there for good measure. If you read it, let me know what you think of my writing yeah?

  5. I'll pop my blog here, been blogging for a couple of months enjoying it immensely and it's opened the door to a few opportunities which is an added bonus.
    I love to browse through other peoples blogs too, some very talented folk out there.

  6. theprattlingsofseverin

    You gotta love @baseallstar's "Screw the holiday!!!!" picture.

  7. Here's mine:

    It's more of a personal blog, but I'll be glad to have you read it and criticise in any case.

  8. theprattlingsofseverin

    I think link should be :

  9. theprattlingsofseverin

    And welcome to the world of blogging. Trust me, you'll soon be hooked.

  10. right, silly me :(
    I hope I'll have enough motivation to write this time around

  11. theprattlingsofseverin

    Looking good so far, and hey, i've learnt something too - i confess i'd never even heard of the Jewish holiday Purim.

    Once you've a few more posts, you might want to think about assigning categories, but not yet, it's early days. And you don't have to use categories at all f you don't want to.

    A great start.

  12. @originaladdressguy
    Just in case you don't know this if you click "member" link underneath your username link to your blog in any forum thread you will find all the posts you have made to the forum threads and the threads you started.

    P.S. I replied to your Showcase thread here >


    Throw my hat in the ring. Gonna start making my way through some of the blogs in this thread.

  14. like your blog , keep it up

  15. Likewise Harry.

  16. Here's a fairly new blog. Still getting some kinks worked out, but I think you might find it interesting. I have lots of stuff related to style/fashion, grooming, and any other UnGuilty Pleasure I come across.

  17. @Stephenson86 - agree with Harry!

  18. Blogging Newbie here!
    personal blog started at the request of a friend of mine after hearing all of the strange social predicaments i get myself into on a regular basis.

  19. Want some inputs and thoughts about my blog. It is basically a satire and silliness blog about guy things. Let me know if you think it is too manly or is too offensive in one way or another.

  20. @therealmanual - the first thing I notice when I visit your blog is A LOT of text. It seems like writing is the main mode of expression for you (versus photos, etc.) so definitely stick with that, but perhaps finding ways to break up the text into a format that can be easily scanned over would be beneficial. I say this because I've read from several sources that blog readers generally tend to be in a scanning mood when they hop around on the blogosphere. If you used more headings, subheading, things of that nature your readers would be free to scan for the bit they find most intriguing, and then would possibly decide to read the entire thing. Good luck.

  21. Okay, here it is. I only started yesterday.
    If you ever wondered about what it's like to have a relationship with a guy who doesn't have arms, I will find it out for you. :)

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