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illegal blog!!

  1. wassup, i just found an illegal blog!! they are posting all the new albums and stuff, some older albums to!! most of it underground hip hop!! its hard fot these rappers to make money, so somebody needs to shut it down!! this is the link

    [link removed by Trent]

  2. Report them to Blogger, or to the cops. That's a blogspot blog, not a one.

  3. No sense promoting it either.


  4. Thanks for the link removal Trent :)

  5. We WPers can't do much about it.

  6. yo trent, i diddent won't to promote it!! i just want somebody to shut it down!! i tought you guys could do it!! ok you can't!! just a question, but thanks anyway

  7. Just if it is an illegal blog, it doesn't need the publicity. There is a mechanism to report blogs at blogger and I sent them the link already.


  8. Um guys. The poster has been for less than an hour. I'm 99.9% sure they know what they're doing if you catch my meaning.

  9. thanks trent. drmike? what u mean, that they don't care about it? they schould!!!

  10. I think we all "caught" this very early on.

  11. well... im new to this...

  12. i was looking to report it but can't find where... i found another blog that was shutdown and there was some tekst from wordpress and that's why i posted....

  13. No worries u233126. If you find a blog that is hosted on that you find is spam, illegal or seriously wrong, there is a 'report blog' icon in the blue admin bar when you are logged into If you are logged in and see a blog that you want to report and don't see the blue admin bar, it most likely is not a blog and doesn't apply to us.


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