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Im a little stoopid ... please help me with setting the time on my blog

  1. When I first started this blog I took out the time right away because I couldn't figure out how to get the correct time ...

    I live in Vancouver, British Columbia ... could someone tell me what number to put after the minus and what code should go in for the format????????


  2. That's Pacific Time? If so, you would be -8, unless Canada's already returned to DST as the US has, then it would be -7.

  3. thank you but what are the format codes?

    I took them all out to get the time off!

  4. F j, Y
    will show March 19, 2008

    g:i a
    will display the time

    Right below the input boxes is a link to documentation about setting the date and time. It will take you here:

  5. The format codes determine how your date is displayed, such as m/d/y or d/m/y, etc. It does not control date display on all themes since some have the information built into the theme files instead.

  6. The default is: M j, Y.

    You can click on the link below the date and time to see what all the different codes mean.

  7. thank you both of you! much appreciated!

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