Im a little stoopid … please help me with setting the time on my blog

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    When I first started this blog I took out the time right away because I couldn’t figure out how to get the correct time …

    I live in Vancouver, British Columbia … could someone tell me what number to put after the minus and what code should go in for the format????????




    That’s Pacific Time? If so, you would be -8, unless Canada’s already returned to DST as the US has, then it would be -7.


    thank you but what are the format codes?

    I took them all out to get the time off!



    F j, Y
    will show March 19, 2008

    g:i a
    will display the time

    Right below the input boxes is a link to documentation about setting the date and time. It will take you here:


    The format codes determine how your date is displayed, such as m/d/y or d/m/y, etc. It does not control date display on all themes since some have the information built into the theme files instead.


    The default is: M j, Y.

    You can click on the link below the date and time to see what all the different codes mean.


    thank you both of you! much appreciated!

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