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I'm a novice but I can't get rid of this, please help

  1. Hey everyone! I was wondering how I could change the title of my blog that is seen in Google Chrome when you minimize it. It says My Blog l A topnotch site and I wish to change that title. How can I change it? Please help me. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Bump, I really need help

  3. Dashboard>Settings>General is where you change the blog title and tagline.

  4. Dashboard >> Settings >> General >> Tagline

    But really .... bumping after less than 30 minutes? Seriously?

  5. That is not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about the thing that says My blog A topnotch site

  6. That IS the tagline. And the average response time in an internet forum is in the realm of 14 hours. Don't bump things after so short a time, particularly when it's clear you didn't search for the answer. We've posted it umpteen dozen times already for other people. If you want the answer fast, search for it.

  7. I updated the Tagline and it keeps saying the same thing, take a look at yourself

  8. I did. The tagline says Escucha, Descarga y Comparte la mejor Música.

  9. Sorry, It was my bad, because I redirected my blog using Dot TK, so I always access to my blog using and there it says My blog A topnotch... Sorry, and thanks for your patience

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